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The color swatches shown below represent additional colors that can be made by mixing your selected color and another color.
To ensure proper mixing, purchase the Mixing and Staining Kit #60-003 with graduated syringe.

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The formulas (as pictured) describe the parts needed to create the color shown. Two different base stains were used to create these additional colors. The color you chose, which brought you to this page, and a second color identified under each picture.

Mixing Example:
For color (Taupe) the formula is (4PRT 110 & 1PRT 116). Always start by using the lower part value then add to it. In this example you would first put 1PRT Color 116 into the mixing bottle. 1PRT could be any amount, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce, 5 ounces etc… Next you would add 4PRT Color 110 to the mixing bottle. In this example 4PRT 110 represents 4 times the amount of Color 116 added earlier. So if you put 1/4 ounce Color 116 into the mixing bottle already you would now add 1 ounce Color 110 to it. (That’s 1/4 ounce multiplied by 4).

In each formula the term PRT translates to Part/s. For proper mixing use the supplied PRT value to get precise color results.

As monitors display colors differently a paper copy of this chart is available upon request.  Use the ? link in the main Navigation Bar.  Request Saman Chart and provide a complete mailing address.

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