we're always smiling!Thumbdex of Paint Removal, Staining and Cleaning accessory items.  We have brought together our most popular accessories normally purchased with our paint removers.  The items below, while not all-inclusive, are a good mixture of add-on products worth consideration.

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Chemical Splash Impact Goggle. Bucket Opener fits most gallon and fives. Do-It-Yourself Household Lead Test Kit. Project Helper 5ft x 5ft Canvas 11 to 12oz
Chemical Splash
Impact Goggle
Bucket Opener
fits most gallons & fives.
Paint Stir Stick
Paint Mixer qt/ga
Household Lead Test Kit
Project Helper 5ft x 5ft Canvas 11 to 12oz

Applicator Brushes Peel Away paper. ProPrep extra sharp Scraper and Blade kits. Professional Putty Knives.
Woodworking, Sanding, Fiberglass with Valve. Applicator Brushes
Chip Brush 1.5in
Chip Brush 2.5in
Peel Away Paper
Approx. 33 sq ft

Approx. 110 sq ft
ProPrep extra sharp
Scraper & Blade kits
view options
2in Stiff Tapered
1-1/4in Stiff Flex
1-1/4in Full Flex

Ready Strip accessory kit. Read Strip Wash Paint Remover Clean-Up. Back to Nature Lead Dust Cleaner. WorkForce Nylon Paint Removal Brush with soft grip handle. 4-3/8in x 11in Stripping and Finishing pads.
Ready Strip Accessory Kit
Applicator Brush, Scraper Handle, Triangle Blade and Pads.
Paint Remover Clean-Up
16oz Pump Spray
Out of Stock
1-Gallon refill
Lead Dust Cleaner
22oz Spray
1-Gallon refill
WorkForce Nylon Paint Removal Brush with soft grip handle.  Solvent and Chemical Resistant. 4-3/8in x 11in
Stripping Pads
Paint & Varnish
Between Coats
Metal Finishing

Sanding Sponge Fine 100 Sanding Sponge Medium Fine 60 / 100 Sanding Sponge Medium 60 Trade Secret Invisible Work Glove. Super Wipes quality Terry and Cotton cloths.
Sanding Sponge
Fine 100
Sanding Sponge Medium/Fine 60/100 Sanding Sponge
Medium 60
Invisible Work Glove
"a second pair of hands"
Super Wipes
2pk Terry Cloth
3pk Cotton
Dry Magic Lampshade Cleaner Krud Kutter Waste Paint Hardener Saman Mixing Kit Jen Foam Brushes wood handle Saman Mixing & Staining Kit
Dry Magic
Lampshade Cleaner
Waste Paint Hardener
3.5oz pouch

25oz container
Staining Kit
sponge, cloth, gloves
Foam Staining Brush
1inch, 2inch, 3inch or
Mixing & Staining Kit
bottle, syringe, sponge, cloth, gloves

Thrifty Trowel Multi-Use V-Notched spreader and scraper
Textus Plastic Dropcloth
9x12 Heavyweight 2mil
Linzer professional grade
2in White Chinese Bristle
Homax Adhesive Spreader 16th square
Jen 1-2-3in Economy-Pak
for paints, stains,
varnishes & urethanes
Multi-Use V-Notched
1/8in, 3/16in, 1/4in and tapered straight edge

Motsenbocker Rocket Scraper Stain Wand Motsenbocker Rocket Scraper Scrape & Kleen Tool Motsenbocker Stain Removal Kit Weiman Cook Tops Scrubbing Pads Stk # SN-4S
Rocket Scraper
Stain Wand
Scrape & Kleen Tool
Great for baked on foods and stickers
Stain Travel Kit
for purse, car, boat, motor home
Cook Top Scrubbing Pads
3 pads for glass, ceramic & gas cook top ranges
Multi-Use Square Notch
1/16in, 1/8in, 1/4in and 1/8in x 1/4in.

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