We have an old gas lantern in front of our house. Installed in 1964, the glass had become permanently etched during the last 44 years probably from the heating elements, elements from the outdoors (weather, heat, water, rain) and even rust from the surrounding structure itself. For the last three years we have applied product after product to the glass to try to get it clean. Instead it remained stained, clouded and hazy. We tried many quality named and trusted products made specifically for glass but nothing has been effective at removing the stains. To this end we somewhat gave up and surrendered ourselves to the fact that we would need to have new glass cut for each four sections of the lamp.


Luckily for us we are extreme procrastinators. While attending the fall ISSA show we ran across a company touting a non-acid, non-bleach, non-chloride, non-toxic, biodegradable Water Stain Remover. Water Stain Remover you say? We looked into this product with extreme interest and watched a personal demonstration on the foulest Glass Shower Sliding Door we had ever seen. I mean they asked us to touch the door and we didn’t even want to do that. (We did, but washed our hands afterwards.) Anyways, the manufacturer took the A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover and their scrub pad made from 100% recycled fibers and started applying to the surface of the shower door. After a few minutes the product dried white and with a clean cotton cloth the area was wiped clean. Now let me tell you, clean is an understatement. You needed to see this door. It was truly A-MAZing.

Right then and there a light bulb went off in my head. How might this work on the gas lamp glass panels? I didn’t ask for fear that we might be told this is not an intended use of the product. So we simply asked to have a sample forwarded to our company. Our thought was that if it could make any dent in cleaning this glass it would truly be an amazing product worth offering to you.

We received our sample jar several weeks later but just got around to the Gas Lamp cleaning task last weekend. After applying the A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover and using the A-MAZ™ fibrous scrubbing pad, the results exceeded every expectation we could have ever had. We thought the A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover might turn the glass back into a salvageable item but instead it cleaned the glass so well that the lamp appears to be missing its glass altogether!

Here is our test of A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover


Step 1:
Our gas lamp had streaky etched glass.  We had tried every product imaginable over the last few years.  Nothing has been able to touch this problem glass surface.  Our contractor suggestion was to have new glass cut for the lamp.

Step 2:
Using the Scrub Pad with 100% recycled fibers we dabbed on the A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover and scrubbed around the glass surface in a circular motion.  Afterwards we turned the glass over and performed the same action on the other side.

What a mess the glass is here.

They told us this was going to be easy...

Step 3:
We left the A-MAZ™ Water Stain Remover on each glass panel  for about 2 or 3 minutes (the product turned white almost instantly.) We then wiped the panel with a soft microfiber cloth.
Step 4:
Our gas lamp glass went from streaky etched to LIKE NEW right before our eyes.  We truly never thought it was possible to get the glass this clean.  Using this shot of all four cleaned panels it truly appears that there is not any glass in the lamp at all.

...and they weren't kidding!  

A-MAZ™ Clean & Green

Step 5:
We did apply A-MAZ™ Ultra Gloss Sealant to protect the glass after it was cleaned.  This is designed to protect the glass against future spotting, mineral stains, rust and a host of others outdoor elements.

Project notes:
We're just happy to have salvaged the original glass and protect the integrity and beauty of our gas lamp.  We'd love to hear your success story!  Thank you A-MAZ™.

AMAZ™ Clean & Green

If you have etched, streaky, water stained, hazy, or clouded glass this product is well worth a try. We suggest you try this product even if you’ve already tried everything else and found nothing that worked.

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