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Directions for Use - RemovALL 400

Always prepare a test patch prior to full application. This will indicate the time required for project completion and suitability of product for the paint and substrate.

Ensure that all areas not to be cleaned are suitably protected. Apply a small test application to determine proper dwell times, effect if any, on underlying paint/substrate, final removal and clean up methods. The product should not be diluted and does not need any mixing before application. Do not pre-wash the surface to be cleaned before application of RemovALL 400

Apply a generous amount of RemovALL 400 by spray, brush, roller or a rag to fully saturate the problem substance to be removed. A brush or roller can be utilized for application over small areas. Larger areas will require a small hand pump, weed sprayer or conventional spray equipment capable of producing a fine atomized spray.

The time required to remove or soften graffiti or overspray, depends on the type of paints, number of layers of paint &, temperature of the substrate.

Most graffiti / over-spray will soften within 10 minutes. Do not let any application stay on for more than 15 minutes. If the job has not been completed, wipe off the softened graffiti / overspray with a cotton cloth and re-apply RemovALL 400.

For small areas, removal of residue can be completed by wiping with a dry cotton cloth, followed by a warm or soapy water rinse. For larger surfaces, removal can be accomplished by pressure washing at approximately 600 psi with fresh water.

Ambient and surface temperatures should be in the range of 20° to 32° C (65° to 95° F). The product does perform effectively at lower temperatures (even at 32° F, 0° C), but the dwell time increases.

Weak paints like interior latexes will also be softened by RemovALL 400. To clean such surfaces, several applications with dwell times of no more than one minute will be required. The area should be wiped gently with a slightly dampened cotton cloth after each application. The paint will re-harden to its original color and finish in a few hours.

Coverage rate normally falls between 3 to 6 sq. metre per Litre. (120 to 270 sq. ft. per US gallon.)


Proper safety procedures should be followed at all times while handling the product. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for important health / safety information before use.

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