BioKleen Prep
The long term solution for mold and mildew removal

BioKleen Prep is the cost effective solution to remove mold and mildew and prepare a surface to be painted. BioKleen performs multiple functions simultaneously, and takes less time to mix and apply than inferior bleach based products. BioKleen is harmless to plants and animals and is safe for you. BioKleen has a residual effect which saves the expense of having to treat an area more than once. In just one application, BioKleen can clean, remove mold, mildew, and organic growth, abate odors, and neutralize PH. BioKleen is the best way to make sure a surface is clean and free of organic growth before painting.

Imporant Update:  BioKleen changed its name to MoldAvenger in September 2006.  We have updated our content to reflect this change.  Click here to visit the MoldAvenger page.

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