Top quality Bulk sanding sponges.  Top Quality Bulk Packed sanding sponges do not contain UPC’s and come packaged for Bulk shipment.  Product measurements are 3-15/16in x 2-11/16in x 1in.  Available for you in BULK quantities as low as $1.09 each for lots of 150 sponges or more.

Available in assortments of FINE, MEDIUM/FINE and MEDIUM these semi-soft sanding sponges are truly flexible enough to sand contours and irregular surfaces, yet comfortable enough to provide a sturdy grip and ease of use.

These are great sanding sponges to stockpile for that next painting, sanding or stripping endeavor you have coming up. If you are a painting or building professional these Top quality Bulk sanding sponges are a MUST BUY!

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Top quality Bulk sanding sponges

Sanding Sponge Fine 100 grit n/a
Sanding Sponge Medium/Fine 60/100 grit n/a
Sanding Sponge Medium 60 grit n/a

Not your traditional Bulk sanding sponges; these sponges are simply better!

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