Saman Stain Accessories and clear transparent finish.  Products that help you get the perfect look and feel.

To start your staining job you need accessories. Whether it’s a varnish finish, invisible gloves or foam applicator brushes and sponges we have it covered. Also we are offering two pre-made kits that help you to stain correctly and/or help you to mix and blend the Saman products into other colors, shades or tints.

For the past 15 years Saman has been committed to offering the most innovative products in the wood finishing industry. Like most Canadian companies they also take environmental issues to heart. At Down to Earth Products we’ve brought these quality stains and accessories across the border to help keep you safe while helping you to get the job done right.

It’s easy to overlook the need for accessories. You order stain, get yourself setup with a date, time and place to start the project then realize "Oops, I don’t have the supplies on hand that I need". Now it’s a trip down the road to get the supplies, most likely on Saturday when the local DIY store is swamped. Don’t let your valuable time go to waste. Buy the supplies and accessories you need today! You’ll can thank us later.

Invisible Work Glove
Glove protection without the glove
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Do you remember putting white glue in the palms of your hands when you were a kid?

You would let it dry then peel it off after a time. We remember that like it was yesterday. The fine folks at Trade Secret of Canada have in some sense reinvented this bit of yesterday entertainment in the form of the invisible glove. Its not "white glue", we just used that as a reference so that you might better understand what the product is about.

If you're tired of endlessly scrubbing your fingernails and hands to remove paint, grease and grime, then get the Trade Secret Invisible Work Glove. Its the grown-up solution to glove protection without the glove. Use before you start working to form an invisible protective barrier around hands and fingernails. It’s especially useful after painting and staining or any other dirty or greasy job. Simply wash off the glove with soap and water when you are finished. This non-drying formulation moisturizes skin keeping hands soft and clean and gives you the "hands-on" feel of gloves right out of the bottle.


Blending colors requires use of the 2oz graduated container. It is imperative to mix the contents of the bottle thoroughly before using in order for pigments to detach from the bottom of the container and be dispersed throughout the solution. One drop of pigment can make a HUGE difference. Always respect the quantities shown on the mixing and staining color chart. Thank you and enjoy your purchase!

Staining Kit
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Mixing & Staining Kit


16 ounce - Clear Finish


sponge, cloth & pair of gloves. A tough interior finish, specially recommended for furniture, doors, cupboards, wainscoting, etc. This product is not recommended for outdoor surfaces. mixing bottle, graduated syringe, sponge, cloth & pair of gloves.

Product Usage Helpful Hints

Jen Foam Brush
Jen Foam Brush 1inSaman clear finish is part of the new generation of products developed by our researchers. It is completely safe for both user and environment. The product has a milky appearance in the container, but once dry, it leaves a tough, transparent finish that does not yellow.

Recommended uses:
A tough interior finish, specially recommended for furniture, doors, cupboards, wainscoting, and so on. This product is not recommended for outdoor surfaces. No flammable or toxic solvent vapors to worry about.

Preparing surfaces:
Surfaces must be dry, clean, and free of dust, grease, oil, wax, etc. If sanding is needed, use fine sanding paper.

Staining Bare Wood:
For a colored stain, apply Saman water-based wood stain. Refer to instructions on container or in our brochure #0321 for suitable methods.

For best results, do not apply in direct sunlight, or at temperatures below 60F/15 C. DO NOT SHAKE. This creates air bubbles, which may alter the finish on your piece. If product has been shaken, wait five minutes for bubbles to disappear. DO NOT DILUTE. For an even sheen, mix thoroughly before and during use. Apply thin, even coats. Avoid forming thick patches. Do not give too many brush strokes, or overlap. Always proceed from the wet edge. Use nylon or nylon and polyester brush or a quality cloth. Sand lightly between coats with very fine paper and remove dust with a damp clean cloth. Dry completely between coats (1-2 hours). At least two coats are recommended.


Jen 1-in, 2in and 3in Economy-Pak
For application of all paints, stains, varnishes and urethanes to smooth surfaces.  Not for shellac or lacquer.

Jen 1-in, 2in and 3in

Jen 1-in, 2in and 3in Economy-Pak
Saman the new generation for Performance!

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