Smart Strip by Peel Away is a revolutionary paint remover that is safer for the user, the substrate and the environment.  Smart Strip is classified non-hazardous, pH neutral (does not require neutralization), methylene chloride, caustic and VOC free and 100% biodegradable.  Smart Strip is an environmentally friendly paint remover that is extremely effective at removing multiple layers from surfaces of wood, brick, metal, concrete, stone and plaster with or without using peel away paper.

In our tests Smart Strip removed 9 layers after 6-1/2 hours without using Peel Away paper.  (We used only a putty knife).  After applying the Quick-Release Contour Scraper to the surface 2 additional layers were removed.  We achieved the exact same results using both Pine and brick.  Results were even better when using Peel Away paper.  see right ->

Test applicaton Board #1

In our tests Smart Strip removed 12 layers after 48 hours using the Peel Away paper. These layers literally peeled right off, we didn't scrape with a putty knife or anything.  The remaining layers underneath were very soft.  Using the Quick-Release Contour Scraper we removed an additional 2 layers without exerting much effort.

Test applicaton Board #2

Although not required, the Peel Away paper is used to lock in moisture and keep the paint remover wet, active and working longer.  To return to Smart Strip product pages click here.

Our Suggestion: BUY the sample container first!Unless you are a seasoned pro at removing paint consider buying the Pint sample size if you have never used the Smart Strip product before. This gives you the opportunity to try-out and work with the product. You can also work out proper dwell time and view results on the actual substrate. Since we cannot accept returns of opened product containers for any reason; this is always the best course of action for those unfamiliar with the product!

Dumond Chemicals Description and order information Purchase

Smart Strip by Peel Away 5 gallon

Smart Strip Paint Remover
methylene chloride, caustic and VOC free

Smart Strip 5-Gallon
225 - 250 sq ft. coverage (approx.)
Out of Stock
Smart Strip 1-Gallon
45 - 50 sq ft. coverage (approx.)
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Smart Strip Quart
11 - 12 sq ft. coverage (approx.)

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Smart Strip Aerosol 12oz
n/a sq ft. coverage (approx.)
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Peel Away Paper
33 sq ft. (approx.)

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Peel Away Paper bulk pack
110 sq ft. (approx.)

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Our Suggestion: BUY the ProPrep extra sharp scraper!Using the MBS 2in Putty Knife 604 Stiff to remove paint from wood surfaces works well, but undoubtedly the extra sharp ProPrep scraper remains in a class all alone. Using the extra sharp Contour Scraper achieves better results - period!  Not only does this extra sharp blade help to remove both paint and remover, it makes the whole job easier because you don’t have to work as hard.  It’s that simple! And we simply would not feel good about ourselves if we didn’t tout to you the inexplicable rewards of the ProPrep extra sharp scraper and blade. It’s definitely not your ordinary scraper - it’s extra SHARP and AMAZING!  The bottom line - use the MBS 2in Putty Knife 604 Stiff for large volume removal and the Quick-Release Contour Scraper for final removal.

Dumond Chemicals manufacture a full range of paint removal and building cleaning products for industrial, commercial use and the do-it-yourself market segment. Peel Away products have established a strong foothold in the DIY market as an effective alternative to paint removal products that contain hazardous chemicals and solvents.

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