Mosquito Free Clean Water its the natural way to stop Mosquitoes and Larvae.  The choice is simple, you either remove standing water or you remove standing water tension.


I don't know about you but I hate mosquitoes. Everywhere I go they seem to attack! Nice N Easy Mosquito Free Clean Water helps eliminate the onslaught of Mosquitoes where they live and breed; in standing water. By removing water tension, Nice N Easy Mosquito Free breaks up the molecular surface layer known as the “elastic sheet”. This elastic sheet is a prime breeding ground for the Mosquito, water spider and other flying insects. Once water tension is broken it becomes impossible for the Mosquito to live and breed. Instead the Mosquito and its larvae sink and drown or opt to leave and find another more suitable water source for their activities. Without thousands of Adult Mosquitoes flying around your yard, life becomes a bit more pleasant.



Nice N Easy
Mosquito Free
8oz Spray
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The natural way to STOP Mosquitoes & Larvae.

Nice N Easy
Fountain &
Happy Bird Bath
8oz Pour
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Nice N Easy Mosquito Free

Fountain & Happy Bird Bath 8oz.Fountain & Happy Bird Bath is a non-toxic, non pathogenic product by Alumin-Nu is safe for birds, squirrels, turtles, fish as so on. What are you waiting for, need a quick clean on that standing water. Get Nice N Easy Fountain & Happy Bird Bath. What could be easier.

learn more below...Learn more below.  Great for Tropical fish tanks!

Mosquito Free Clean Water 8oz.Weekly spray the entire surface of water that you want to treat.  Anywhere water is allowed to accumulate.  A fine mist is all that is necessary.  If film appears on water surface in less than a week, simply spray twice per or as often as film appears.  Since Nice & Easy Mosquito Free is liquid, it is easy to treat various amounts and areas of water.

Most people tend to spend lots of time cleaning out the Bird Bath or at least they meant to. Rather than make it an all day worrisome chore why not purchase Nice N Easy Fountain & Happy Bird Bath liquid.  This product will not only help to keep the Bird Bath water clean, it also treats your decorative yard pond and can safely be used in tropical fish aquariums where filtering may pose problems. Living microscopic bacteria thrive on your fishes waste.

2oz for a 500ga pond.

One capful treats 40 bird baths. Two capfuls per 40ga aquarium.

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Mosquito Free Clean Water

Fountain & Happy Bird Bath

Fountain & Happy Bird Bath keeps Bird Bath Water clean.  Also treats decorative yard ponds and tropical fish aquariums.


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