Citrus Magic from Beaumont Products offers up the power of citrus to clean, shine and protect your home and surroundings.


the power of orange...Down to Earth products is proud to showcase Citrus Magic products featuring the nationally televised Veggie Wash. The power of the Citrus fruit has long been known as an effective, environmentally friendly, and relatively safe solvent, which makes it the active ingredient in many household applications today. Having been manufactured since 1983 by Beaumont Products of Kennesaw Georgia Citrus Magic offerings include 100% natural, citrus-based air fresheners, disinfectants, natural household cleaners, fruit and vegetable washes, personal care items, and pet care products. Distributed under such brand names as Citrus Magic, Citrus II, Veggie Wash® and many others, most of the products in the line are 100% natural, and all are produced without animal testing.


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Brilliant Metal Polish 16oz
formally known as Brite Boy
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Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator .7 lbs
Carpet Fresh.  Natural Citrus & Borax.  Eliminates Carpet Odors from Pets, Smoke etc...
Citrus Magic Hand Sanitizer 8oz
Display Size
Citrus Magic Solid Air Freshener 0.5lbs
Citrus Scent
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Citrus Magic All-Purpose Cleaner 22oz
Trigger Spray
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Most of the products offered on this page are 100% natural, and all are produced without animal testing. 

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