Goddard's Granite Polish
is great for Corian®, Formica® and More!

With proper kindness and loving care, your granite countertop surface will stay beautiful many years into the future.  Granite, as with all stone, is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain and absolute hardest to scratch.  Goddard Granite Countertop Polish is a natural choice for Granite as it leaves the granite surface with a deep, rich shine that brings back its original natural beauty.  Goddard Granite Countertop polish can help seal and protect the surface against stains and water spotting as well.  This simple to use product from Goddard, who first introduced Goddard Non-Mercurial Plate Powder in 1839, is also suitable for Corian, Formica, Marble and Tile surfaces!  Simply spray and wipe for a deep, rich shine that brings natural beauty to light.  Goddard Granite Countertop won't streak or leave a residue. Safe for contact with sealed surfaces and food prep surfaces.

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Goddard's Granite and Marble Polish
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Goddard Granite Countertop Polish
cleans and leaves a deep rich shine... Instantly!

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