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Krud Kutter Gutter & Exterior Metal Cleaner 32ozHave you really looked at your home exterior lately? You might be surprised to see what effect oxidation has caused to the exterior metal surfaces.  Water rundown from the roof may have caused black streaks to appear, especially on gutters.  Perhaps you didn’t even realize anything was wrong? Well its a known fact that as exterior metal (i.e. gutters) sits in the elements, day in and out, oxidation naturally takes over and slowly they begin to turn into an ugly and unsightly mess.  But what can be done about it?

The answer is simple. Get Chomp! brands newest Pro Gutter Cleaner. 
We gave some to a local contractor and now he won't leave us be!  Just spray on, wait a few minutes, and then wipe it back off using a good quality soft cotton cloth. Elbow grease is required, but not as much as you might think.

When your finished, everything will be shiny and new again. Your neighbors are going to be asking about it.

You can get new gutters or you can just clean the old ones...

Chomp! Pro Gutter Cleaner

Before and After Photo!
Using Chomp! Pro Gutter Cleaner.

Before & After Krud Kutter Gutter & Exterior Metal Cleaner

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Chomp! Pro Gutter Cleaner removes the black streaks, dirt, mildew and other stains that often make your exterior metal and gutter facings look awful.  It's specially formulated to remove tough soils from exterior metal, vinyl, plastic and aluminum surfaces.  It's also ideal for use on mobile homes, RV's and campers.

Gutter Cleaner
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DIRECTIONS:  Spray soiled area and allow to penetrate for two minutes.  Do not allow cleaner to dry on surface.  Wipe off or rinse with a clean cloth or sponge.  Repeat if necessary.

IMPORTANT:  Exposure to the sun's UV rays may cause paint discoloration and oxidation on some exterior metal surfaces.  The removal of dirt and other contaminants by the use of Chomp! may highlight this damage.  Therefore we recommend that you always test this product in an inconspicuous area first.  For safety's sake always apply cleaner with little to no wind blowing.

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It is safe for all surfaces, is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable.
Contains Tetraflex-D soil barrier.

Step 1 VegetationStep 1:
You should always wet down vegetation prior to use of any chemical product.  Although Pro Gutter Cleaner is biodegradable, this is still good advice.  You also want to protect any surfaces (i.e. concrete patio's etc...) with plastic, drop cloths or similar. 

Being cautious is always smart!

Step 2 SprayStep 2:
Standing securely on your ladder, scaffold or other device spray the product onto the exterior metal surface from about 6 to 8 inches.  Always test the product in an inconspicuous area first.  You don't want to remove paint etc...  Again be smart!  Also prudently use the product on a non windy day.  You don't want the product blown into the eyes.  Safety goggles and gloves are always a great asset when working with any chemical.

Step 3 WaitStep 3:
Do not let the product dry on the surface. 
Wait two or three minutes to allow the product to penetrate.  Use your best judgment.  Obviously if its really hot outside the product is going to dry really fast.  Best to clean the surfaces on another milder day or be prepared to take the product off sooner.

For tough stains, spray a small quantity of cleaner on your wet cotton rag and hand rub.

Step 4 RinseStep 4:
Wipe the entire surface or rinse using a clean cloth or sponge.  It's really a very simple procedure.  We've just broken it down into small steps to show you the process.  We think you get the idea.  Just be cautious and safe.  Let your exterior surfaces/gutter be glistening!

Check your cloth frequently.  If too much dirt becomes built up on it, reach for another cleaner cloth.  Otherwise you'll just be wiping the old dirt back onto a new place.

Concentrated professional strength formula safety & easily removes tough stains...

Leaf Acid Rain
Leaf Algae
Leaf Bird Droppings
Leaf Black Streaks
Leaf Dirt
Leaf Fungus
Leaf Grease
Leaf Grime
Leaf Mildew
Leaf Mold
Leaf Moss
Leaf Oil
Leaf Oxidation
Leaf Tree Sap
Leaf & so much more!
Chomp! Pro Gutter Cleaner leaves nothing behind, but shine!

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