Hopes Brass Polish
a Premium Metal Care Product


Hopes Brass Polish is great for all un-lacquered brass surfaces.  It is also great for decorative copper where a mirror-like shine is desired.

Hopes Premium Metal Care

New! Works Faster!
Brass Polish 8oz

product features...

  • No Ammonia

  • No Unpleasant Odor

  • No Harsh Abrasives

  • Non-Flammable

product information...

Hopes Premium Metal Care Brass Polish quickly and easily removes unsightly tarnish, polishes to a mirror-like shine, and leaves a protective barrier that helps prevent re-tarnishing.  Unlike ordinary polishes, Hope's Brass Polish is a totally new fast-acting formula that's both safer and more effective!

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Additional product information...

Material Safety Data Sheet
Hopes Brass Polish (when available)

We had to make a choice...

Junk Pile or Hopes Brass Polish?

This lamp was purchased in London England in 1985.  We were going to toss it out.  Instead we picked up a bottle of Hopes Brass Polish and a Cotton Superwiper Cloth.

After 20 minutes and a bit of elbow grease we found that the lamp desired better treatment than the junk pile.  Especially since we had paid about $140 for it some 20 years earlier.

This is a close up of the reflection we achieved on the lamp base.  It took about 6oz or 2/3rd's of the bottle to get this result.  We think the lamp never looked this good!

Brass Lamp Base Photo 1

Brass Lamp Base Photo 2

Brass Lamp Base Photo 3 close-up

I believe these photo's speak volumes in regards to our choice.  If we had read the directions first we would have realized that Hopes Copper Polish should have been applied first, then Hopes Brass Polish.  I can't imagine the end result could have been more superior.  This is absolutely perfect!  Perhaps our arm would feel less like spaghetti with less rubbing?

Always test polish on a hidden area first!

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