Hopes Countertop Polish premium home care product can easily enhance the beauty of your countertops. This product produces a deep rich shine that repels dirt, reduces stains and makes cleaning easier. It's specifically recommended by many brand manufacturer's of laminate and solid surface countertop materials. Don’t put faith in the clean all products that claim to clean every surface in the home.  You've made an investment worth protecting.  Get protected - get Hope.

Hope’s Countertop Polish attacks surface specific problems with better results. This polish will enhance semi-gloss and high gloss finishes as it deep cleans, polishes and seals your Countertop taking away years of visible wear and tear. It can even help with the oxidation spots that may have built up over time. All you do is squeeze a small portion directly onto the Countertop and then buff away using clean, soft, dry cloth.

Hopes Countertop Polish
Shines and Protects
Wax Free No Build Up

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Product does not contains...

  • Abrasives

  • Harsh chemicals

  • Mineral oils

  • Silicone resins

  • or Waxes

Great for use on these fine brands of laminate and solid countertop materials:

  • Avonite®

  • Corian

  • Formica®

  • Fountainhead by NavaMar®

  • Gibraltar

  • Nevamar®

  • Pionite®

  • Surell

  • Swanstone®

  • Wilsonart®

The above brands are registered trademarks of the manufacturers.  Always verify the manufacturers continued recommendation.  Check for product compatibility before using.


What you need to know about - Hopes Countertop Polish

Prevents dirt and food particles from penetrating the countertop's surface, making cleaning much easier.

Forms a barrier to help prevent foreign material from entering the microscopic pores of the surface, thus minimizing stains caused by fruit juices, food color, wine ... etc.

Contains no waxes and no silicone resins. Can be applied indefinitely Without worry of buildup. Waxes and silicone resins form a coating which (an eventually build up, turn white, peel, flake, and discolor; thus causing long term maintenance problems.

Makes countertops smooth and reduces friction. Articles slide across the countertop and are less likely to scratch.

Safe for all food contact surfaces.

Other products may contain abrasives which can damage plastic laminates by wearing away the surface and/or permanently changing their appearance.

Contains no petroleum distillates. Many other products such as oils, waxes, and aerosols contain petroleum distillates which are both flammable and toxic.

Keeps unsightly fingerprints from ever showing up, even on dark colors where fingerprints are most noticeable.

Hope's Countertop Polish is the only product of it's kind recommended by every major manufacturer of countertop material!

Every major manufacturer of solid-surfacing countertop material, Surell™, Gibralte™, Corian™, Fountainhead by Nevamar®, provides a sample of Hopes Countertop Polish to consumers upon installation of new countertops.

The very best way to enhance and maintain the beauty of countertops.  Recommended by every major manufacturer of countertop material.

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Hopes Countertop Polish is also great for kitchen cabinets, tables, bars, desks, vinyl, plastics and rubber.

Do not use on floors, showers, tubs etc... Product makes walking surfaces slippery. This could cause a hazard. Always use good common sense.

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Hopes Premium Home Care
Countertop Polish

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