The Victor® Electronic Mousetrap poison free is a lethal solution for those seeking an immediate remedy from home mice problems.  This unit uses a bait and lure system designed to trap unsuspecting mice. The Electronic mouse trap requires slight user maintenance which involves disposal of a caught mouse.  This unit is has very effective for mouse problems in the home, office or barn.


Victor® Electronic Mousetrap poison free

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap poison free

The Victor® Electronic Mousetrap poison free was designed for ease of use in helping rid you of unwanted house guests.  In order to incapacitate and kill the mouse, the electronic mouse trap emits a mild 20 second shock when mice come in contact with the internal metal plates.  The unit features a smart technology tunnel with diverters that prevent escape while guiding the mouse to the appropriate area.  A flashing green light lets you know the unit has received a visitor.  To dispose, simply open the hinged access door and dump.  In this manner you do not have to come in actual contact with the rodent.  Unlike traditional Mousetraps, no messes and no pinched fingers.


How the trap works...
1.  Spread peanut butter on inside back wall.
2.  Open battery compartment and properly insert batteries (requires 4 AA batteries for operation which ARE INCLUDED with the unit). 
4AA batteries will help rid you of appropriately 50 mice.
3.  Identify location with mouse activity.  Place trap where activity has been seen.
4.  Turn switch to ON.  Green light will flash once to indicate trap is functioning.
5.  When rodent has been captured in the trap the Green light will flash intermittently for up to 24 hours.  Simply open hinged access door and discard rodent.

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