Biodegradable Water-Based Molecular Tree
Pen Ink Permanent Marker Remover

Stain Removal TIPS

Pen Ink and Permanent Marker remover

    Carpets, Upholstery, Clothing and Non-Washables


  Test for colorfastness by spraying in an inconspicuous place. If non-washable, place a clean towel underneath when possible.
v   Blot ink stains.
w   Spray stain thoroughly, wait at least 60 seconds.
x   Gently agitate (use Stain Wand). Blot with clean clean towel and rinse off. Repeat process if necessary.




  Spray stain thoroughly, wait at least 60 seconds.
v   Agitate if necessary. If needed (use Stain Wand) to vigorously work the stain out of the fabric.
w   Launder as manufacturer's recommendations allow. Repeat if necessary.

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    Countertops, Blackboards, Floor and Tile


  Spray stain thoroughly, wait at least 60 seconds.
v   Wipe with a clean towel. Repeat if necessary.



Pen, Ink and Permanent Marker Remover also cleans Lawn Furniture, Tennis Shoes and more!

Spot & Stain Remover Lift Off #3 Pen, Ink & Marker Graffiti Remover is a water-based, biodegradable formulation designed to effectively remove stains and graffiti of an ink nature such as ball point pen, fountain ink, and permanent markers. Consumers love using it to remove ink stains, and contractors claim it's ideal for removing permanent markers stains and graffiti. Designed to work effectively on difficult hard surfaces like buses and phone booths.  Pen, Ink & Marker Graffiti Remover can be used on delicate surfaces such as clothing and fabrics.

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