The original Out of Sight trap for animal moles is a lethal poison free solution to your lawn and garden mole problem. A strong set of hands is normally needed to set the mole trap properly.  The Out of Sight trap for animal moles features malleable iron jaws that close within the mole tunnel with scissor like precision, helping you to control and get rid of lawn and garden moles in the immediate area.  You may find that by using an animal mole trapping method, you soon will have more moles than anyone else.  The reason; other moles in the area will eventually take over the elaborate tunneling network your mole worked so hard to build. The control of animal moles is just that control not extinction, and you are working a control solution for the moles in your area.

The original Out of sight mole trap is a lethal solution for the control of lawn moles.  Its malleable iron jaws activate with scissor-type action using a strong coil spring system.

I have tried a multitude of animal mole traps and other control methods at great expense over the years without success.  Finally I talked to a professional in the mole trapping industry who explained to me how the animal mole works, thinks and lives. The first thing he told me was to get rid of the Harpoon Traps I was using and that’s when I first saw the Out of Sight trap for animal moles.  Since that day five years ago, I have trapped over 40 moles between my own yard and the adjacent neighbor.  This mole trap definitely works, but like anything its only as good as the knowledge of the person using it. That is why you need to develop an understanding of the mole.  There are several good animal mole books and videos available, and I strongly suggest that you visit your local bookstore or library.  I had the help of a professional mole person who showed me where and how to set each mole trap.  You may need the same sort of mole-a-cation, the education of the mole, to trap them effectively.

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So you've got yourself a mole?

Homeowners go to great lengths to get rid of the animal mole. These insect eating mammals live a solitary life beneath our soil and cause an immense eyesore for both the homeowner and neighborhood in a rather short period of time.  The purpose of the mole is the search for food in his quest for survival. The moles diet consists mainly of worms, grubs, spiders, beetles and other ground larvae found throughout your well nourished yard. Preferring soft to sandy soil, this mammal with the highly developed sense of smell and hearing, generally needs an amount of food at or surpassing its own body weight. The common animal mole is an active creature capable of digging 12 feet or more in an hour and can develop an elaborate tunneling network beneath your yard. He is in no hurry to go anywhere else, less his food supply should diminish, he will most likely dig more to find more.

The moles tunneling only slows down for mating, which usually occurs during the winter months when the ground is hard or frozen over. He retreats to deeper areas of the tunneling system until the arrival of spring, although he does not hibernate. When the rains loosen the soil and re-supplies the food source he is quickly back to work. The animal mole will dig two types of tunnels: 1) those that are deeply nested and need air neutralization, hence the reason for the mounds; 2) those that are used once or twice for feeding purposes only. To control animal moles effectively you must develop a trapping method and dedicate yourself to these efforts. Trapping moles takes patience, knowledge and understanding. With this in mind I wish you success in your venture with the animal mole.  His yard damage and unsightly mounds can be limited with time, patience and a proper trapping method.

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Safety Warning

You may want to contact your Local Extension office for information about animal mole control and trapping legalities in your area.  Most states allow the use of mole traps however Massachusetts, Washington and possibly others have laws against their use.  If you are searching for a non-lethal remedy click here. Local laws regarding wildlife relocation may also apply.

Always remember to carefully follow the setting and use instructions given by the manufacturer of the Out O’Sight trap for animal moles.  The jaws of this trap are powerful, strong and sharp.  Always stay alert and understand that misuse could lead to injury.  Keep out of the reach of children or the hands of any person not familiar with its operation.

If you have any questions or concerns that cannot be addressed with the manufacturer or wish to speak with someone about the ground mole please visit

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