Food, Beverage, Protein and Pet Stain Remover Motsenbocker's Lift Off #1
removes the tough stains you can't


Food, Beverage, Protein and Pet Stain Remover is part of a unique family of individually PATENTED PRODUCTS for stain removal and it's defense.  This product removes tough stains like Coffee, Tea, KOOL-AID, Soda Pop, Sauces, Ketchup and Grass from surfaces such as Carpet, Fabric, Upholstery, Furniture and Walls. Designed to remove most water or protein based spots and stains Food, Beverage, Pet and Protein Stain Remover is approved by GE Plastics, endorsed by BOBRICK and Green Cross Certified by Scientific Certification Systems.  VOC COMPLIANT with 2001 Federal EPA LAWS, this truly unique product is safe for the environment safe, for the user, and safe for all surfaces.


Motsenbocker Lift Off 1-2-3
the stain fighting team
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Motsenbocker's Stain Removal System is the result of years of scientific research and has made a breakthrough in stain removal systems by dividing spots and stains into 3 distinct categories that cover virtually every type of spot or stain. We have three patented products specifically formulated to remove these types of spots and stains.

Water and Protein Based - TIPS!
Petroleum and Natural Oil Based
Pen, Ink and Marker

All lift off products were designed to help you easily understand their intended use and purpose.  This allows you more time to use the product and less time spent reading endless confusing directions.  Keep this product handy at Home, at the Office, in your Purse and in the Glovebox.

Trusted by Schools Universities Transit Authorities Hotels
Janitorial Services
Motsenbocker's Lift Off #1 removes the tough stains you can't

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Transit Authorities to remove various beverage, food & protein stains from seats, window coverings and walls in trains, buses & other vehicles.

Schools/Universities to remove coffee, juice, blood & other food stains from chairs, sofas, drapes, & carpets in class rooms, lounges, cafeteria, walls, vehicles

Janitorial Services to remove all beverage and foods stains in general office clean up; carpets, chairs, desk tops, drapes, sofas & office equipment.

Hotels/Restaurants to remove coffee, wine, blood & other food stains from chairs, sofas, napkins, table clothes, drapes, bedspreads, & carpets in restaurants, lobbies, rooms & kitchens.

Motsenbocker Stain Removal Kit

Travel Size
2oz stain team includes #1, 2 & 3
for purse, car, boat, office or motor home

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Super Wipers
3pk terrycloth
heavy absorbency for help in lifting stains

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22oz trigger spray--> Out of Stock
gallon refill size--> Out of Stock
Rocket Scraper--> more info

The Rocket Scraper or Stain Wand is used to help lift problem stains, particularly stains in clothing or fabrics that using a laundry or abrasive brush would cause pilling and fraying. Use the nodules of the Rocket Scraper to work right into the stain that you pre-neutralized with Motsenbocker product. The nodules help break up the molecules so that the stain can eventually lift or come out in the wash. There is a bit of a science to lifting some stains, so if you can duplicate the scenario on a similar fabric first you will be a step ahead in understanding its proper removal.

Six Steps to Successful Stain Removal

Identify the type of stain you have. If your stain is a combination stain you will need to use a combination of Motsenbocker’s Lift Off to remove it. It doesn’t really matter in which order you use the Lift Off products. An example of a combination stain would be tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is both a protein and oil. So to effectively remove it you would need to use Lift Off #1 followed by an application of Lift Off #2. It’s a compound stain that requires a compound solution.


Place a clean terrycloth SuperWiper or other absorbent material under your surface to purge the Dye/Stain onto.


Spray selected Motsenbocker Lift Off product liberally, directly on stain. Soak the area completely. Let the product set and work for at least 60 seconds before taking any additional action.


Next apply firm pressure using a second terrycloth SuperWiper or other absorbent material on top of the material to soak up the stain.


If the stain does not lift, spray an additional amount of Motsenbocker product and use the nodules of Rocket Scraper to gently agitate the stained area. This helps break the molecular bond between the stain and the material.


Now apply firm pressure using the terrycloth SuperWiper or other absorbent material again. Your stain should be lifted. If not, ask yourself, ‘Did you use the proper Motsenbocker product for the type of stain?’ Remember, some stains are complex and may need a combination of products to lift.

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Non-Washable Items

Any time you have a spot or stain on a non-washable clothing item or fabric, you can enhance the results of our recommended instructions by following a few extra tips. The key is to purge the stain from the fabric. Once you have neutralized it and "feather" out the stain with Lift Off.  First, place a clean white cloth or paper towel under the affected area and "purge" the stain through the fabric by spraying Lift Off on the affected area. Blot the stain well. The stain will be transferred through the fabric and into the cloth. When the stain is completely gone, blow the spot dry with a hair dryer on medium heat.

Motsenbocker's Lift Off #1 the Food, Beverage, Pet and Protein Stain Remover
It's Stain Removal Made Easy

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