Grease, Gum, Tape, Adhesive Remover Motsenbocker's Lift Off #2
the original petroleum based formululation


Grease, Gum, Tape, Adhesive Remover was developed to remove the second most common type of stains: those which have a natural oil, petroleum or solvent-based nature such as tapes, adhesives, chewing gum, grease, tar, crayons, motor oil, salad dressing, and lipstick. Adhesives, Grease & Oily Stains Tape Remover works safely on all types of hard surfaces including glass, Formica, linoleum, tile, metals, and wood, and best of all, it evaporates 100%, so it won't leave any marks or residue.  Tape, Adhesive, Gum and Grease Remover is a previous winner of the Popular Science formulation of the year award and is one of the top chewing gum and tape remover products in the world.


Motsenbocker's Stain Removal System is the result of years of scientific research and has made a breakthrough in stain removal systems by dividing spots and stains into 3 distinct categories that cover virtually every type of spot or stain. We have three patented products specifically formulated to remove these types of spots and stains.

Water and Protein Based
Petroleum and Natural Oil Based - TIPS!
Pen, Ink and Marker


Motsenbocker Lift Off 1-2-3
the stain fighting team
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All lift off products were designed to help you easily understand their intended use and purpose.  This allows you more time to use the product and less time spent reading endless confusing directions.  Keep this product handy at Home, at the Office, in your Purse and in the Glovebox.

Trusted by Schools Universities Transit Authorities Hotels
Janitorial Services
Motsenbocker's Lift Off #2 the original petroleum based formulation

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Transit Authorities to remove tar, oil, gum, crayon & pencil marks, lipstick, stickers from vehicles, seats wall, waiting rooms, restroom, carpet & floors.

Retailers to remove price stickers when changing prices (product will not discolor packaging).  To remove marks (lipstick, pencil, oil) from clothing or other products for sale.  General cleaning in stores to remove gum, oil stains, lipstick from carpets, wall, etc...

Amusement Parks/Shopping Centers to remove gum from ride seats, benches, floors, walls, restrooms, carpets & cement/grounds.  To remove tar, oil, price & bumper stickers.  Sap from rides, vehicles, floors & walls.

Hotels/Restaurants to remove gum, oil, pencil, candle wax & lipstick from chairs, furniture, lines, drapes, bed spreads, floors, carpets in restaurants, lobbies, rooms & kitchens.

Motsenbocker Stain Removal Kit

Travel Size
2oz stain team includes #1, 2 & 3
for purse, car, boat, office or motor home

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Super Wipers
3pk terrycloth
heavy absorbency for help in lifting stains

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22oz trigger spray--> more info
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Super Scraper--> more info

The handy little Scrape & Kleen Tool  can help loosen even the toughest stickers from virtually any surface. Often used in conjunction with Motsenbocker's Lift Off #2!  It's a special favorite of the Scuba industry for removing adhesive stickers from scuba tanks. It's also great for cleaning pots, pans and cooking stones.  This handy hard plastic thin edged tool has an multitude of undiscovered uses!  Buy a couple today for yourself and keep them around the house.

Zaps chewing Gum, Tape and Stickers

Tape, Adhesive, Gum and Grease Remover can also be used to safely and quickly remove tape and adhesive labels from just about anything, from furniture to appliances to autos. It gets out hardened or fresh chewing gum, too! Spray on and around edges, wait 60 seconds and just lift off with the help of a scraper.

Stop Greasy Spots from getting dragged through the house

If you have a car, you know about the grease spots they can leave on your driveway. Now, with the help of Tape, Adhesive, Gum and Grease Remover, and a little water from the hose you can prevent those spots from being dragged into the house. Simply spray Tape, Adhesive, Gum and Grease Remover on the grease spots on your driveway, carport or garage floor, wait 60 seconds, and then rinse away the stain. If you have a thick caked on grease use a brush to agitate, then simply spray away with water. Your driveway will look like new.

Motsenbocker's Lift Off #2 the Tape, Adhesive, Gum and Grease Remover
It's Stain Removal Made Easy

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