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Permanent Marker, Pen and Ink Remover is a water-based, biodegradable formulation designed to effectively remove stains and graffiti of an ink nature such as ball point pen, fountain ink, and permanent markers. Consumers love using it to remove ink stains, and contractors claim it's ideal for removing permanent markers stains and graffiti. Designed to work effectively on difficult hard surfaces like buses and phone booths. Endorsed by Avery for the removal of inks, dyes, permanent markers, make-up and nail polish, BOBRICK and GE Plastics just to name a few.  Pen, Ink Marker Graffiti Remover can be used on delicate surfaces such as clothing and fabrics.  GREEN CROSS CERTIFIED and VOC COMPLIANT with 2001 Federal EPA LAWS.


Motsenbocker Lift Off 1-2-3
the stain fighting team
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Motsenbocker's Stain Removal System is the result of years of scientific research and has made a breakthrough in stain removal systems by dividing spots and stains into 3 distinct categories that cover virtually every type of spot or stain. We have three patented products specifically formulated to remove these types of spots and stains.

Water and Protein Based
Petroleum and Natural Oil Based
Pen, Ink and Marker - TIPS!

All lift off products were designed to help you easily understand their intended use and purpose.  This allows you more time to use the product and less time spent reading endless confusing directions.  Keep this product handy at Home, at the Office, in your Purse and in the Glovebox.

Trusted by Schools Universities Transit Authorities Hotels
Janitorial Services
Motsenbocker's Lift Off #1, 2 and 3 not only work separately
in their specific stain categories but together to remove complex stains!

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Transit Authorities to remove pen, ink, marker graffiti on seats, walls, floors & outside's of vehicles. To remove blood & nail polish stains from seat covers.

Schools/Universities to remove pen, ink and marker graffiti from walls, desks, chairs, benches, signs. For general cleaning of boards, desks and office equipment.

Municipals to remove pen, ink, and marker graffiti from public building (outside/inside walls & floors), public parks (benches, sidewalks, restrooms & recreational equipment), vehicles & signs.

Airlines to remove pen, marker & blood stains from seat covers, walls & carpets.

Janitorial Services to remove all pen, ink, marker & blood stains in general office cleaning, such as carpets, chairs, desk tops, drapes, sofas & office equipment.

Motsenbocker Stain Removal Kit

Travel Size
2oz stain team includes #1, 2 & 3
for purse, car, boat, office or motor home

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Super Wipers
3pk terrycloth
heavy absorbency for help in lifting stains

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22oz trigger spray--> more info
gallon refill size--> Out of Stock
Rocket Scraper--> more info

The Rocket Scraper or Stain Wand is used to help lift problem stains, particularly stains in clothing or fabrics that using a laundry or abrasive brush would cause pilling and fraying. Use the nodules of the Rocket Scraper to work right into the stain that you pre-neutralized with Motsenbocker product. The nodules help break up the molecules so that the stain can eventually lift or come out in the wash. There is a bit of a science to lifting some stains, so if you can duplicate the scenario on a similar fabric first you will be a step ahead in understanding its proper removal.

Great for Removal of Stamp Pad Ink

Rubber stamps and stamp pads in the hands of children can cause large messes. Use Pen, Ink and Permanent Marker Remover when your little stamper puts a stamp somewhere its not supposed to be!

Erase Fingernail Polish from Carpet and Clothes

No need to worry about those accidental spills on the living room floor, or brushing up against something with your newly manicured nails. Pen, Ink and Permanent Marker Remover will take out fingernail polish. Spray on Pen, Ink and Permanent Marker Remover, wait at least 60 seconds, then gently rub out the stain.  Repeat as necessary.

Motsenbocker's Lift Off #3 the Pen, Ink and Permanent Marker Remover
Ink Stain Removal Made Easy

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