Repel Mosquitoes naturally and without harsh chemicals with Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent.


Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent has a blend of natural botanical oils that traditionally are used to repel insects as proven in scientific studies. These active oil ingredients include Citronella, Cedar-wood, Lemon-grass and Peppermint. Eugenol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Lime, Wintergreen and yes good old fashion water have also been thrown in the mixture. Please consult product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for other information/ingredients.


Liquid Net

Liquid Net

All natural Liquid Net the Ultimate Insect Repellent for your family allows you to have more fun in the great outdoors!
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Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent
All natural ingredients including lemon grass, cedarwood and citronella oils
DEET free
Long lasting
Natural, pleasant scent
University tested
Safe for the entire family
Effective at repelling mosquitoes,
gnats, ticks, no-see-ums and other
biting insects.

Studies show that people seated near burning citronella often suffer fewer insect bites. These same studies suggest what common sense already taught us; Chemical insecticides are bad for you, your family and, if airborne, your neighbors. Thus, you may have heard about Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent on your local news. This All Natural Insect Repellent product is fast becoming a popular way to fight mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, no-see-ums, and other biting insects, naturally and without the use of harsh chemicals.

While we often notice that blood type affects the ratio of Mosquito and other insect bites, remember that your family members may not be so lucky. Place your order now before that next outdoor adventure.

What else we can tell you about Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent...

With its pleasant refreshing scent Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent is a great source to repel pesky biting and flying insects; and with natural plant characteristics that have long been used to fend off such nuisances, why go to the extreme of wearing long sleeves and pants on steamy hot sunny days. It’s like planting Basil or trying to import insect eating bats into your local area. Better purchase protection instead!

Give Liquid Net All Natural Insect Repellent a try. We’re sure you’ll be pleased. The folks at Liquid Fence produced this product so that you need not be bothered by mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and no-see-ums. You have other more important things to do.

Liquid Net All Natural insect repellent produces best results when applied evenly and completely on exposed skin areas. You should always reapply after swimming, heavy perspiration or washing of exposed skin area’s and never ever apply this or any chemical product to the eyes, mouth, open wound or hands of young children.


Additional product information...

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