Medical Adhesive Remover with Aloe Vera


Medi-Sol Medical Adhesive Remover with aloe vera is a safe and effective adhesive remover specifically developed for the medical application.  Medi-sol medical adhesive remover effectively removes medical tape, adhesives, nitro patches, tar, residue from skin and hair.  This hospital tested, non-toxic, organic, biodegradable remover does not contain harsh chemicals.  Medi-sol medical adhesive remover is also considered excellent for use on TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation accessories and Ostomy appliances.

Medi-sol medical adhesive remover has been referenced as an effective remover of tar and asphalt from skin and hair on burn victims in both
The American Journal of Surgery and Emergency Medical Journal.  Medi-Sol has been used and trusted by top hospitals, burn centers, neo-natal units and medical care facilities around the United States for more than 20 years.  Previously available only to the medical professionals, now Medi-sol medical adhesive remover is available to you!


Medi-Sol Medical with Aloe Vera

12 bottles per case 12oz spray
20 boxes per case 50ct wipes


Natural Citrus Aroma

Adhesive Remover
4oz Spray

Adhesive Remover
1 Gallon Bottle

Adhesive Remover
50 Count indiv. packaged wipes

adhesive tape - adhesive residue - ostomy appliances - tar removal - TENS accessories - nitro patches

Safe, non-toxic and biodegradable with NO harsh solvents, artificial dyes, colors or fragrance.

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover Spray

Medi-Sol Adhesive Remover Wipe

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