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Mold Avenger is the cost effective solution to remove mold and mildew and prepare a surface to be painted. Mold Avenger performs multiple functions simultaneously, and takes less time to mix and apply than inferior bleach based products. Mold Avenger is harmless to plants and animals and is safe for you. Mold Avenger has a residual effect which saves the expense of having to treat an area more than once. In just one application, Mold Avenger can clean, remove mold, mildew, and organic growth, abate odors, and neutralize PH. Mold Avenger is the best way to make sure a surface is clean and free of organic growth before painting.

Did you know?  Mold Avenger is composed of an advanced cleaning surfactant formula that cleans with results you can see almost instantly.

When mold and mildew are killed by any means spores are released into the environment. These spores then fall back onto previously clean substrates and begin to re-colonize by feeding on proteins in the bio-layer. Mold Avenger removes both spores and the bio-layer that sustains them.

Mold Avenger product grouping.  The product line is discontinued and unavailable.

Description: Mold Avenger will effectively take care of mold and mildew problems without any adverse effect on your property or health. Mold Avenger restores the look of wood and removes stains better than competing products. Mold Avenger also provides a long term solution to mold and mildew problems. Mold Avenger removes both spores and the bio-layer that sustains them, preventing re-colonization for up to a year.

Relevance: Mold Avenger treatments are a more effective and long lasting way to treat mold and mildew, and the best way to are a surface to be painted. Mold Avenger can also be used where quality and the environment are important. Use Mold Avenger to greatly improve pressure washing jobs, as a treatment for decks, to clean synthetic siding, and countless other applications that lead to more work for you.

Surfaces: Mold Avenger can be used on virtually any surface, both interior and exterior.  It can be applied with any equipment that can have water run through it or simply applied by hand spraying.

MoldAvengerMold Avenger is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. Mold Avenger does not contain bleach, ammonia, phosphates, or any other harsh chemicals. Mold Avenger utilizes the latest in enzyme technology to organically remove mold and mildew. Mold Avenger does not produce toxic fumes when sprayed or fogged. Mold Avenger does not require special handling, disposal, or clean-up methods. Mold Avenger has a neutral PH and is gentle on skin.


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this product has been discontinued

Sample application using Mold Avenger

Step 1:
After mixing the Mold Avenger  product with water and waiting the necessary 10 minutes for the solution to dissolve we sprayed the product on a old Wash Basin that had been growing mold for the last 10 years.

Step 2:
Using the Stiff Stripping Brush we agitated the entire surface where Mold Avenger  had just been sprayed.  We wore a thin latex glove during the procedure to protect our hands from the intense culture of mold evident.


Fast facts about Mold Avenger:
Utilizes the latest in enzyme technology to provide a solution to mold and mildew removal that is safe for the environment. Mold Avenger is 100% biodegradable and 100% bleach, ammonia, and phosphate free. Mold Avenger is safe for kids, plants, pets, and the end user. There are no special disposal requirements or equipment needed for application. 

 is industrial strength but safe enough, and easy enough, for a child to use!

Step 3:
Next we waited.  Since our mold cultures we pretty intense (10 full years of growth) we waited an entire hour before proceeding.  We also reapplied a spraying of the Mold Avenger product during this time.

Step 4:
Using a 4in sponge we removed the product while flushing the surface with water from the faucet.  The results were truly amazing and no hard scrubbing on rubbing was involved at all.  The sink basin is now free of mold, mildew and its spores!

Product Usage Helpful Hints

Stiff Stripping Brush (shown below)

Tips for using/purchasing Mold Avenger:
For best results with Mold Avenger follow the manufacturer's instructions as printed on the product container.  Mold Avenger ships to you in powder form and requires that you add water to activate.  Once activated you should discard any remaining product after 14 days. For future treatments purchase the Mold Avenger 1lb Kit consisting of the concentrated powder and measuring scoop.  Do not discard the original product container.

General Application Instructions:
1. Apply Mold Avenger using any of the following methods: Mold Avenger Spray Bottle, Mold Avenger Hose Attachment, pressure washer, other type of high pressure equipment, Hudson sprayer (chemical sprayer), Hudson atomizer, bucket and sponge, brush, or roller.
2. Agitate (scrub) the surface with a stiff bristle brush, scrub brush, broom, or toothbrush. This will help work the enzymes into the substrate for a deep clean.
3. Let Mold Avenger sit for 15-20 minutes
4. Rinse with a garden hose or pressure washer.

Tips for Wood, Vinyl, and Aluminum Siding:
1. For large areas, the Mold Avenger Hose Attachment is the easiest application method.
2. Agitate areas of heavy build up and allow the recommended dwell time.
3. Vinyl and aluminum have a tendency to stain more than wood. Strong agitation and a rinse with a pressure washer or high pressure hose will increase the clean look of the siding.

Concrete and Masonry:
1. Concrete and masonry are very porous which allows mold and mildew spores to penetrate deeper into the substrate. For best results, after applying Mold Avenger scrub the surface with a stiff bristle brush to work the enzymes further into the substrate, and rinse with a pressure washer or high pressure hose.

Concrete and Masonry: (cont'd)
2. It is beneficial to apply a second coat of Mold Avenger after the first cleaning and let it sit on the substrate to provide added protection against re-population.

Deck and Patio:

1. Horizontal surfaces are problem areas for mold and mildew. The easiest application method for these areas is a Mold Avenger Hose Attachment, Hudson
2. sprayer, or for small areas a Mold Avenger Spray Bottle. Apply Mold Avenger liberally and agitate with a scrub brush or deck broom. Agitation will help Mold Avenger to penetrate through the built up layers of grime to get to the substrate. Allow the recommended dwell time and rinse with a hose or pressure washer.

Kitchen and Bathroom:
1. Most problem areas in kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior spaces are fairly small and localized. The Mold Avenger Spray Bottle is the easiest application method for these problem areas.
2. Apply Mold Avenger and agitate with a scrub brush or tooth brush, allow the recommended dwell time and rinse away.
3. Mold and mildew are extremely hard to remove from caulking. In severe cases it is best to replace the affected caulking.
4. Mold Avenger is safe to use on or around surfaces where food will be prepared.

Attics and crawl spaces:
1. These problem areas are difficult to treat with bleach based products due to the toxic fumes produced in enclosed, poorly ventilated, areas. Mold Avenger does not produce any toxic fumes and is a safe solution for these areas.
2. Mold Avenger can be applied with a spray bottle, Hudson sprayer, or fogged.
3. Fogging Mold Avenger is an effective method for removing airborne spores, odors, or treating very large areas where additional moisture is unwanted. This is also a very popular method to clean ventilation ducts in highly contaminated areas or where there has been fire damage.
4. Rinsing and agitating are not always necessary when fogging this product.

Mold Avenger can safely be applied to virtually any surface, both indoors and outdoors.

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