Kitchens, baths, garages, basements, storage, office buildings, RV’s etc… all have moisture, odor and mold problems or simply need refreshing from time to time.  Please take a moment to view our selections of non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternatives to combating these forces.  The Mold Away product line features no open containers or liquids to spill.  Each fully leak-proof foil over wrapped pouch protect an area up to 60cu ft (40cu ft recommended).  Prevention and elimination; if you've got mold, moisture or odor problems these products are here to help!

Humidity Indicator example for Mold Away products

Mold Away Smart Storage

Mold Away Smart Closet

Mold Away

There are literally thousands of different types and varieties of mold. Mold can grow anywhere excessive moisture or water accumulates. There is no practical way to end mold growth in an indoor environment without first controlling the moisture that it relies upon.

Mold Away, Mold Away products and Zone Dry were designed to do just that, control moisture. These products were designed to reduce the risk presented from household molds by creating an environment unsuitable to sustain mold growth and survival.

Protects items in storage from the negative effects of moisture. Absorbs moisture and eliminates odors in your closet. Inhibits the growth of dangerous mold & fungus by keeping the humidity level under 30% RH.
  Includes replacement indicator to indicate when product needs to be replaced.
  Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste
  Easy to use
  No electricity required
  Metallic foil over wrap serves as a moisture barrier to keep the product from activating
  Product wrapped in DuPont Tyvek material
  Includes replacement indicator to indicate when product needs to be replaced.
  No open containers or liquids to spill
  Container bag is fully leak-proof and retains all moisture inside
  Foil over wrap protects product from activating prior to use
  Each pouch treats approx. 60 cu. ft.
  Includes replacement indicator to indicate when product needs to be replaced.
  Keeps Humidity below 30% RH.
  Absorbs Moisture
  Bag will swell when saturated
  Bag packaged in Tyvek material; which meet FDA requirements
Smart Storage
Moisture Absorber and
Odor Eliminator
Smart Closet
Closet Freshener
Mold Away
Inhibits the Growth of
Mold and Fungus

Mold Away

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Mold Away
3-pk clamshell  learn more
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Boat Dry new product
3-pk clamshell  learn more
more info
Camper Dry new product
3-pk clamshell  learn more
more info
SafeNDry 500gram
1-pk clamshell
more info

Industrial-strength Winterizing Storage KitMold Away products are designed to assist the homeowner in protecting stored goods from the negative effects caused by moisture. As example the Winterizing Kit is primarily for seasonal use to protect boats, campers, stored autos and so on… For smaller areas consider Smart Closet.
  Replacement Indicator dot turns from blue to pink to indicate when product needs to be replaced.
  Protects stored items from the negative effects of moisture
  Absorbs 100% of its weight in moisture
  Tyvek bag is fully leak-proof
  Foil overwrap prevents premature activation
  Desiccare Inc

Industrial-strength Winterizing Storage Kit for moisture adsorption.  Originally designed to protect items exposed to humidity in ocean cargo containers.  The Winterizing Storage Kit product is proven  effective in protecting against mold, mildew, rust and corrosion. Each supplied pouch can adsorb 100% of its weight in moisture. Winterizing Storage Kit can also absorb odors created in contained environments.

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