BioWash Natural Deck OilBioWash Natural Deck Oil™ is now available in five color tones of Clear, Natural, Cedar, Redwood and new Honey Brown. The reason for this limited color selection is due to the type of pigment that BioWash chemists chose to use. These pigments, which are Iron Oxide based, are only available in red, yellow and black. Thus, using mixtures of the pigments only four finishes could be crafted for you to enjoy! Iron oxide pigment is ideally the most effective deck protective pigment available as of this writing. These same pigments are used in almost all industrial paints that are going to be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Since BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ is also damp wood friendly, this efficiency permits cleaning, prepping and application of the product all in a single day.

Deck Boards shown using BioWash Natural Deck Oil in Natural Tone.

Before and After deck board illustration shown using BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ in Natural Tone.

Before you begin:  Using BioWash Wood Wash or a similar sodium hydroxide solution for cleaning wood decks, releases the  dead wood fibers from the healthy wood surface.  These products normally work on contact and can easily be applied with a garden sprayer or low power pressure washer.  Next, use a hose and a scrub broom, or again the low power pressure washer, to clean and remove the old degenerated wood fibers from the surface of the deck.   Note: If you are redoing a previously coated deck you may need a stronger solution to remove the old coating such as StripXL or similar wood stain stripper as some coating cannot be removed simply by cleaning. 

As decks weather they turn a grey color. This is the results of the Sun’s UV rays.  This grey looking surface is actually nature’s way of protecting the wood underneath  from harm.  Sort of like how a suntan protects your skin in the summer months.  Unfortunately once grayed, the deck’s appearance does not look as nice as a good tan.  Hence BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ was born.  It gives great UV protection (except clear) while allowing a beautiful wood tone (or Suntan) to be enjoyed.

You're almost ready to coat:  The next step is to apply Stain Prep / Mill Glaze Away.  BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ is specifically engineered to work best with an alkaline substrate (pH between 7 to 10).  As wood ages it naturally moves towards an acidic pH.  Therefore, Stain Prep will adjust the pH level and prepare the wood to fully accept BioWash Natural Deck Oil giving you years of both a great look and protection.   Apply Stain Prep and then rinse with plenty of water. Let the wood dry for at least two to three hours or until dry-to-touch.   Apply BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ within 12 hours of the Stain Prep application.

If your wood is newer or never been coated you will have what is known as Mill Crush or Glaze on the surface.  This condition will inhibit the wood from fully absorbing a coating.  Again Stain Prep / Mill Glaze Away  will open up the pores of the wood for saturation.  This product is easily applied and rinsed per instruction with the same garden sprayer as before.

Conditions to avoid

The Application:  Now that your deck has been properly cleaned and prepped, you are ready for application of the BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ .  This will require two coats for maximum protection and appearance.  One coat for maintenance coating.  Apply out of direct sunlight and on a cool surface above 40 F (5 C). If the surface is above 100 F (38 C) do not apply.  Avoid application of product when the daily low is below 40°F (5°C) or rain is in the immediate forecast.  Stir BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ well prior to use and stain pickets or uprights first!  Utilize any BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ that may run down the pickets or uprights to work into your deck application.  Always beginning with boards near those pickets so that the product does not pool near the bottom. 

By Brush:  First Coat application will use the largest amount of product as it is more readily absorbed by direct contact with the wood surface. Brushing is the preferred method of application but can often be difficult on your back.  If this is a concern you may want to consider using the Roller method specified below.  Otherwise apply at least two coats of Natural Deck Oil™ with a 6 inch combination nylon/polyester paintbrush. Wait about two hours or until first coat is dry-to-touch to apply next coat.

By Roller:   Apply generously with a medium roller two or three boards at a time, completing a full length of boards each time before moving to the next set.  Use an 18 to 24 inch wide soft bristle push broom to work the coating into the wood fibers before moving to the next set of boards.  The push broom doubles as the brush you did not use above, merely a wider and longer version.  You will want to avoid the pooling of material and uneven application which is often associated with rolling.  A rule of thumb is to apply product on 3 or 4 boards for the full length of the board then come back and work the product in.  This helps to better control the product.  The look is quite nice and not to difficult with a little practice.  A little help from your spouse, relative or neighbor will make this go quickly.  By using this procedure you may avoid so-called Lap and/or Line Marks.

By Sprayer:  If spraying, saturate a small surface area and then immediately back-brush to promote saturation of the wood.

Deck stained with BioWash Natural Deck Oil.

2nd Coat Application:  After you finish the whole deck take a break for about an hour or two.   Then begin at the same spot as before and repeat the entire application.  The second coat will absorb much less of the product and the process will move along at a quicker rate.  It will look great when finished but will look even better a day or two later after the product has had ample time to cure.  A complete cure of the coating for a walked on surfaces is 48 hours at 65°F (12°C) and 50% humidity.

Time to clean up:  Tools clean up with water.  Dried overspray and/or spills can be cleaned using RemovALL 400 or BioWash Organic Strip.

Key Features of Natural Deck Oil

Key Features

BioWash Natural Deck Oil is damp wood friendly.  This efficiency permits cleaning, prepping, and application of BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ all in the same day if needed.  This ease of application is industry leading.

Don’t let that name Natural Deck Oil™ fool you.  Although it does contain Wood Oils, it is NOT OIL BASED.

BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ has been used at major theme parks including those that deal directly with marine life.  All without issue.

BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ Cleans up great with water.  If you get it on something a wet cloth will simply take care of it!

Non-flammable and low odor.

BioWash Natural Deck Oil™ combined with Stain Prep and/or Wood Wash are the perfect combination to quickly breathe new life back to a really tired looking deck.  All in about 12 to 36 hours

You would be hard pressed to find a more user friendly and great performing deck treatment program.

Because of its ability to be used in cooler temperatures (as compared with oil base coatings), Natural Deck Oil™ gives you a longer window of opportunity to use it.  Especially nice for contractors because you can begin earlier in the year and work much later into the year.

Periodic Cleaning

Periodically clean your deck’s coating during its life cycle (two years under most conditions) using BioWash Simple Wash.  This helps keep the surface cleaned and renewed


A maintenance coating is required if rain water immediately penetrates into the wood without runoff (i.e. does not bead).  Normal guidelines for maintenance coating would be about two years; however your time may vary dependant on weather conditions and the area of country in which you live.  Prepare your wood with STAIN PREP™ MILL GLAZE AWAY within 12 hours prior to applying a maintenance coat of Natural Deck Oil™. 

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