Smart Strip is a safer, more effective means to remove paint and stubborn coatings from most substrates. Besides user safety, Smart Strip has huge environmental qualities like Zero VOC’s, contains no toxic chemicals and is biodegradable to name just a few. We were most impressed with product consistency and the fact that it never seemed to raise the grain of the wood.

the smart solution to paint removal...

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Did you know?  Most paint removers contain N-methylpyrrolidone, methylene chloride, and other harsh caustics, TAP's or HAP's.


Available in various sizes as well as samples, almost no project is thought unmanageable. As with all products that we bring in, we put Smart Strip to the test ourselves both with and without the paper. We tested for a short period 6-1/2 hours (no paper) and a longer period 48 hours (with paper). We tried a standard piece of board with 15 layers of miscellaneous paints (interior, exterior, spray etc…) as well as a brick, some baseboard and a maple table finished with stain and varnish. Some of our sample applications are shown below.

Sample application of Smart Strip water-based paint remover


Step 1:
We applied the Smart Strip using a 1-1/2 chip brush to our test board with 15 miscellaneous paint layers.  Our board was weathered for 3 years and contains a combination of interior, exterior, spray paint etc...

Step 2:
After our application we applied the Peel Away paper and left it alone.  In our original test we did not use the paper, waited 6-1/2 hours and removed nine painted layers from the board using the ProPrep razor knife. This time we are exercising patience!

Smart Strip step 1

Smart Strip step 2

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Step 3:
After 24 hours the Peel Away paper was showing signs of the paint buckling underneath.  Even though it looked like we cold remove the paper/paint at this time, we were committed to waiting 48 hours before removing.
Step 4:
At 48 hours we removed the paper and took twelve layers of paint off without even using a scraper. The manufacturer states that it doesn't always happen this way, but we were very impressed. We scraped off an additional three softened layers using our ProPrep razor knife.  The final layer was half in-tact when we were finished!

Smart Strip step 3

Smart Strip step 4

These photo's are meant to give you a general idea of...

Step 1:
We tested the product in several different circumstances.  This was a piece of 4-1/2in pine baseboard with 2 coats of Minwax Polyshades Classic Oak. We applied the Peel Away paper here as well.  We then waited 24 hours.
Step 2:
The stain and polyurethane did not peel off with the paper here. After removing the paper we used the ProPrep razor knife. The finish came off like nothing.  You can see some of the paint remover left at the top of the board. Notice the distinct color difference between the Step 1 photo and this one.

Smart Strip step 1

Smart Strip step 2 the product works!

Smart Strip. safe, effective & environmentally friendly.


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