Pet Clean Pet Shampoo with Conditioner
from the makers of De-Solv-it...

Pet Clean Pet Shampoo & Conditioner 16oz flip top
Everyone loves their pet
and nothing is friendlier than giving the ole pet a new coat smell.
That's why Orange Sol, the makers of De-Solv-it Brand which is the #1 most trusted solvent used during clean up efforts for the Valdez Oil Spill, created Pet Clean Pet Shampoo with Conditioner. This Shampoo, safe for use on your pet, has been tested and approved by pet veterinarians. It leaves your Pet's Coat looking radiant without drying or irritating the skin, or causing matting of the coat. Pet Shampoo with Conditioner is a Luxurious Blend of Environmentally Safe Ingredients that have been formulated with No Artificial Fragrances or Perfumes.  It's 100% organic, Biodegradable, Non Toxic and Safe. Offered here in its Non-Medicated, Tearless Formula, it simply leaves your Pet's coat clean and radiant! Available in a convenient 16oz flip top bottle.
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Pet Clean Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

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Pet Clean Pet Shampoo with Conditioner
formulated without Artificial Fragrances and Perfumes

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