Chomp! Pull It Out!
Concrete Stain Remover

Chomp! combines the cleaning power of a liquid degreaser and a dry absorbent into one amazing formula that both dissolves and captures concrete oil and grease stains.  Chomp! soaks into the concrete, breaks down oil deep in the pores, and molecularly locks onto oil particles.  As it dries, the oil is pulled up to the surface and absorbed as Chomp! begins transforming into powder.  When it is completely dry, the oil is simply swept up for easy disposal.

Important! Test before using on sealed, colored or painted surfaces. Prior use of other cleaners may inhibit performance.  For stains on asphalt or blacktop use Krud Kutter Driveway Cleaner & Degreaser.

Chomp! drying time will be approximately 5 to 8 hours in temperatures of 60° or more.  Coverage approximately 6 sq ft per quart.  Biodegradable and Professional Strength.

V-Notched Spreader
for use with Chomp!

Description: Just apply, let it dry and sweep it up.  Chomp! combines a powerful citrus degreaser with a non-leaching absorbent powder to create Micro-Extraction Technology™.  This Micro-Extraction Technology™ allows Chomp! to soak deep into concrete and masonry surfaces, locking onto embedded oil-based stains at a molecular level.  As Chomp!® dries to a powder, the stain is extracted to the surface and absorbed for easy cleanup.

Stains Removed: Chomp! will remove stains from motor oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, synthetic oils, food grease from animal fats, cooking oil, tar, citronella oil and wax.

Surfaces: Chomp! can be used on various concrete and masonry surfaces including exposed aggregate, patio blocks, paving bricks, quarry tile, stone and colored concrete.  Do not use on asphalt or blacktop.  For asphalt or blacktop stains use Krud Kutter Driveway Cleaner & Degreaser.

Chomp! Pull It Out!
Concrete Stain Remover

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Product Note!  Effective Stain Removal that is great for all masonry surfaces.  Also can be used on wood, composite and pavers.


Sample application of Chomp!

Step 1:
Before using Chomp! you should remove any heavy buildup of tar, oil, grease etc. from the surface.  Chomp! works by soaking into the surface pores where its Micro-Extraction Technology captures stains at the molecular level.  Removing heavy buildup prior to use will greatly increase the effectiveness of the product.

Step 2:
After removal of stain build up, Read the product label thoroughly.  Apply Chomp! directly to the stained area.  Put a moderate amount of the product on the surface, keeping in mind that the faster Chomp! dries the more effective it will be. 

Step 1 photo...

Prior Treatment:
In cases where stains have been treated previously with another product, Chomp! may not be as effective because it cannot remove the dirt and other materials without the presence of oil. Chomp! is designed to lock onto oil molecules and draw them up to the surface through the process of evaporation. Dirt and other foreign materials are removed through this process because they are mixed in with the oil.

The cleaning power of Citrus
No scrubbing, no rinsing, no mess
Chomp! Pull It Out!
Concrete Stain Remover

Step 3:
Let the product DRY. 
Several factors affect dry time including temperature, humidity, and ventilation. The ideal environment would be well ventilated (outside), low in humidity, and high in temperature (over 70'F). In this ideal environment dry time may only be a few hours. The least ideal environment would be poorly ventilated (enclosed room), high in humidity, and low in temperature (below 60'F). In this environment, it could take several days for Chomp! to dry completely.

Step 4:
Sweep up the absorbent powder and discard.  Concrete may still appear dark immediately after Chomp! is swept up. This is generally not oil, but moisture from Chomp! still trapped in the pores. Simply provide adequate ventilation and allow the moisture to evaporate. This could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 week depending on the environment.  However if the product was still wet when swept up; or applied to thinly (see V-Notched spreader below); you may require a second application.

Step 3 photo...

Step 4 photo before...

...Step 4 photo after

Performance Factors

V-Notched Spreader
Tips for product application:
For best results with Chomp! Pull It Out!, use the 4 inch edge of a V-notch trowel spreader. This will allow you to maximize coverage and accelerate the dry time of Chomp! Pull It Out!. It is ideal for use in climates that experience cooler weather or high humidity.  To purchase the V-Notched trowel Spreader click here.

Tips for use in cold, humid, or poorly ventilated areas:
To accelerate dry time, spread Chomp! to leave a thinner coating. This will allow for faster evaporation but will also reduce absorption capacity, thereby necessitating additional applications. Another recommendation is to apply a fan directly to the treated area to maximize ventilation.  This will accelerate evaporation considerably. A final recommendation is to simply sweep Chomp! off the stained area after 8 hours, even if it is not completely dry. We have found that Chomp! is still quite effective in these situations because it has been allowed ample time to remove most of the oil from the concrete.

We never recommend scrubbing Chomp! on the first application because this can actually hinder performance. However, since agitation can help break dirt and other debris loose, scrubbing may improve performance on subsequent applications in cases where oil content is low.

Age of stain:
The generally is not a factor. Rather, it is the amount of oil in the stain that makes a difference. As stated earlier, oil must be present in order for Chomp! to effectively remove the stain, A 10 year old stain that had oil deposited onto it continuously will be much easier to remove than a 1 year old stain that never had oil deposited onto it after the initial occurrence. The manufacturer suggests receiving feedback from customers that used Chomp! to effectively remove oil stains that were 1 - 30 years old. In these instances more than one application may have been required.

Chomp! can soak through tiny holes in sealants. In such cases, sealants may trap moisture in the concrete, preventing proper evaporation. In one instance, it took over 4 weeks for the moisture to evaporate completely. However, there are other cases where sealants did not pose a problem. If your concrete surface has been sealed, test product in an inconspicuous area first to determine results.

Do not use on asphalt or blacktop.  For asphalt or blacktop stains use Krud Kutter Driveway Cleaner & Degreaser.

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