Napier Technologies Removall paint removers for the Do-It-Yourselfer offer new and better ways to strip paint without all the harsh chemicals.


Removall paint removers for the Do-It-Yourselfer are just plain old easy to use.  Apply a thick coat, walk away and let the remover do the work.  The paint simply wrinkles up when the job is done, thus signaling you to commence the removal process.  These unique patented products have been featured on national TV because they are capable of removing the toughest industrial coatings while still remaining safe enough for the home user and environment.  With RemovALL it's simply a matter of time!


Industrial strength RemovALL products
 for the Do-it-yourself marketplace

Product Highlights

bullet Easy to apply, easy to remove & clean up.
bullet Paint wrinkles when job is done.
bullet Odorless - won't burn your skin.
bullet No Methylene Chloride or harsh Caustics.
bullet Thick gel that clings to vertical surfaces.
bullet Strips multiple layers of paint at a time.
bullet Biodegradable, water-based, safe for the user.

Did you know - Competitive products that contain harsh solvents such as methylene chloride have been proven carcinogenic to humans.  RemovALL offers a safe, industrial strength, easy to use alternative.  With solutions for all of your surface prep needs, RemovALL is the answer you've been looking for.


RemovALL products are conveniently packaged, appropriately named, easy to use and widely available. These paint removers are based on the Selected Adhesion Release Agent SARA and most of the products also meet the criteria of the Environmental Choice Program that certifies them as environmentally responsible.


RemovALL Paint removers for at home Do-It-Yourselfer

Interior Wood & Furniture remover


Exterior Wood Paint remover


RemovALL products are being used in many different industrial markets.  For example, the paint removers are being used to strip aircraft all over the world. These same industrial strength products are now being offered to the Do-it-yourself market for the first time.

Concrete & Masonry remover


Metal remover



RemovALL -  Directions for Use for Do-it-yourself product line

A test area will indicate the time required to lift coating and the suitability of the product for the substrate.

Plants should be kept moistened with water or covered during remover application and removal.  Surface temperatures should be higher than 20° C (65° F). Product will work slower at cooler temperatures. Pour the product out into a paint tray or bucket. If water seems to have separated out, stir product until homogenous.  If surface is vertical and glossy or greasy, the remover may slide down. Roughen up the surface by light sanding using medium grit sand paper prior to remover application

Between 60 to 70 sq. ft. per US gallon (1.5 to 2 sq. m. per L)


Apply a thick, even layer of remover onto the surface using a paintbrush or an airless sprayer. remover thickness should be such that the painted surface is completely invisible.

Once applied, leave the remover alone. Most coatings will take between 1 to 6 hours to lift. PAINT WILL WRINKLE WHEN THE JOB IS DONE. For best results, leave the remover on overnight.

Check periodically during the waiting period, to ensure that the paint is completely covered with remover. If the painted surface becomes visible again, due to absorption of the remover into the paint, re-apply a light layer of remover.

The remover should remain wet and active till the paint wrinkles. If hot and windy conditions cause drying, re- apply a light coating.

Once paint has lifted / wrinkled, use a scraper, squeegee, pressure washer or wet vacuum to remove it. Wood should always be scraped or pressure washed in the direction of the grain.

The remover is engineered to lift several layers of paint in one application. However, if there are too many layers, remove the layers lifted in the first application and re-apply the remover.

The stripped surface must be rinsed with water to remove all chemical residues before repainting.

Collect lifted paint and remover and dispose of in accordance with local government regulations.

RemovALL featuring SARA patented technology

Napier Technologies RemovALL, The Name Says It ALL

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