RemovALL 220 Napier Environmental
Industrial Paint remover Brush Grade

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RemovALL 220 a product of Napier Environmental Technologies is a Brush Grade water-based paint remover that is biodegradable, non-toxic, user friendly and environmentally safe.  It is extremely effective in the removing the toughest industrial coatings like epoxy’s and urethanes from metal, concrete, wood, masonry and brick.  RemovALL 220 is powered by patented SARA Technology.  This technology utilizes the physical forces released by chemical reactions to break the bond between the paint the the substrate.  Coatings lift off cleanly and can be easily removed. RemovALL 220 is best when used on non-porous surfaces and may provide adequate results only when used on porous materials.  For stripping of a porous surface, RemovALL 310 is highly recommended albeit available in spray grade only.  RemovALL 220 is the Brush Grade grade version of RemovALL 210, however spray application is the most effective means of applying the remover. Scraping will be necessary to complete the removal process.  Pressure washing is the manufacturer’s recommended removal method. Regardless of method used, the stripped surface must be rinsed with water to remove all chemical residues prior to repainting the surface.


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RemovALL industrial paint remover brushable
RemovALL product 220
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Product Highlights
right arrow Coverage - approx. 30 - 90sq ft. per gallon.
right arrow Contains no toxic or hazardous air pollutants.
right arrow Non carcinogenic, non ozone depleting. low VOC, water based, fully biodegradable product.
right arrow Uses patented technology of the Selective Adhesion Release Agent (SARA).
right arrow Removes coatings such as latex, alkyd paints, varnish, urethanes, two component and fusion bonded epoxy's. (consult chart)
Also removes lead based paints, however this may not be permitted in your area.
(see social responsibilities)
right arrow Suggested for use interior or small project exterior use based on application method.

Learn more about the technology behind the product
the Selected Adhesion Release Agent SARA

RemovALL 220 - Performance Information

RemovALL 220 test photo 1 of 3

RemovALL 220 test photo 2 of 3

Our board had 15 painted  layers.

2 layers latex primer (white)
2 layers latex (white)
2 layers latex (blue)
2 layers latex (yellow)
1 layer latex Krylon (purple)
2 layers oil base Rust Oleum (pink)
2 layers latex (dark blue)
2 layers latex (white)

We applied the product...

We applied RemovALL 220 to our test board in a temperature controlled environment. When applying the product it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for stirring. Never shake. Stirring allows the product to mix properly and conform to proper brush grade consistency. The manufacturer recommends use of a high speed drill mixer (if available) or to hand stir allow ample time to properly complete the task.

... then waited 24 hours.

At 24 hours we used the ProGrip2 putty knife to easily remove 11 of the 15 painted layers.  Ironically this product is rated ideally for non-porous surfaces.  Since we didn't have a metal surface to strip we applied the same testing methods that  we used for the Ready Strip product line.  We tested on a wood or porous surface.  The result was utterly astounding!  If the product works this great on secondary surfaces image what it can do on primary surfaces like metal, concrete, masonry and brick.

RemovALL 220 test photo 3 of 3

RemovALL paint stripping products offer you a cost effective solution
Earth Friendly Requires much less chemical to achieve desired results.

Earth Friendly

Reduces man-hours and effort required to complete a project.
Earth Friendly Reduces cost of waste disposal. Earth Friendly Lowers insurance costs for storage hazards.

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Additional product information...

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Napier Technologies RemovALL 220 Brush Grade Industrial paint remover

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