Removing paint from any substrate can be a long and tedious process. Luckily technological breakthroughs have created relief in the form of environmentally friendly paint removers. These products help turn your paint stripping chore into a simple D-I-Y job that can easily be tackled by the average homeowner. Second to a good quality paint remover, the most important tools are patience and elbow grease. What we offer at Down to Earth Products are quality products bent on enhancing the paint removal experience.  Unlike traditional hand scraping these removers definitely speed up the paint removal process and each offer environmental friendliness to boot.

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RemovALL paint remover Napier Motsenbocker's paint varnish remover Ultra & StripTox removers Back to Nature Smart Strip by Peel Away
Consistency of Cake Batter when properly mixed.
Consistency of Soft Soap when properly mixed.
Ready Strip / Strip Tox
Consistency of Corn Syrup /
and Cake Batter respectively.
Smart Strip
Consistency of Marshmallow Fluff or Shaving Cream.
Environmentally friendly product available in brush or spray grades.

Sara technology helps open pores of the painted surface to allow penetration direct to the substrate.

Televised on the Winchester House project.

Favorite brand for stripping Airstream clear coat.
Can remove 1 - 2 layers of paint in as little as 15 minutes!

Green Cross Certified.

"... Our goal is to offer products that are safe for the environment, for the surface and for the people who use them..."

Environmentally friendly product contains NO methylene Chloride.

Ultra Strip is fast acting on 1 - 4 layers & has the highest power rating of the Back to Nature line.

Strip Tox utilizes PreTox 2000 Patented Non-Hazardous Lead Waste Removal System technology & has a fishy smell.
Environmentally friendly product contains NO methylene chloride or methylpyrrolidone (NMP).

Easy application for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Odor Free. Easily used indoors.

NO volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Perfect for use in the State of California.
RemovALL Motsenbocker's Ready Strip / Strip Tox Smart Strip

Paint removal tools accessories...

The chart below reflects the recommendations of Down to Earth Products based on our independent testing.

Indoors RemovALL 320 for indoor use.  This product has some very unique qualities including little to no odor!  Our next choice would be RemovALL 220.
Outdoors RemovALL is our favorite brand for outdoor paint removal and also a TV favorite of This Old House. We specifically recommend RemovALL 220 as an all purpose product (brush or spray).
In A Hurry Motsenbocker's remover is our quickest solution for small jobs (can be ready in as little as 15 to 30 minutes).  Ultra Strip, a top-line choice, takes slightly longer (about 2 - 4 hours) in quick mode and also works phenomenally at long haul jobs of 24 hours or more.
Lead Paints Most removers work on Lead Based Paints but only Strip-Tox contains the PreTox 2000 Patented Non-Hazardous Lead Waste Removal System.
Vertical Surfaces Vertical surfaces can be tough.  Most paint removers like to simply run off when applied.  Your best choice for vertical surfaces is Smart Strip because of its Marshmallow Fluff or Shaving Cream like consistency.  This allows the product to stay put better.

It’s important to purchase the proper tools to help you complete and finish the job. For paint removal this usually consists of a drop cloth, chemical resistant gloves, protective eyewear, a putty knife or scraper, sanding sponge, tack cloth, steel wool, chip brush, tape, wiping cloths and possibly a ladder. These items can contribute to a job well done and/or your safety. There is nothing worse than beginning a project only to discover that you needed that contoured or small bevel scrapper that you don’t have, can’t readily find and no longer have the time to run out and get. Let us help you get your project going!

You should never forget to check local regulations that may dictate the removal or disposal of paint or paint waste in your area. Take some time to look at and understand federal, state and local rules specific to your area.

Need to remove the residual paint from a wood surface?
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Quality paint removers produce results you can be proud of.

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