Trade Secret Furniture Restoration System and Scratch Remover.  A complete restoration kit for nicks, scratches, repair and shine.  Trade Secret Furniture Care Products were conceived in frustration and born of necessity more than 50 years ago. They are known in the trade as commercial grade products that do not contain wax, silicone and the harmful acids that can damage your finish. Trade Secret started with a simple polish that enhanced the wood without clouding the surface and through untold innovation have designed a family of furniture restoration products to help you with restoration and scratch repair.

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Going from this... to this... is a Trade Secret...

before Trade Secret scratch remover

after Trade Secret scratch remover

Trade Secret furniture restoration products

Introducing Trade Secret scratch removers for Light and Dark wood.  It's the cabinetmakers friend and part of the Trade Secret Furniture Restoration System.

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Selling major furniture factories, cabinetmakers, refinishers and flooring manufacturers for years the Trade Secret brand is well known and respected in professional circles. Most professionals don’t accept products that promote greasy wax build-up or surfaces that yellow over time.

Trade Secret Products sold exclusively to cabinetmakers for over 50 years...

Furniture Restoration System includes:
8oz Country Scent Furniture Polish.  4oz Scratch Remover for both Light and Dark wood.  4pc Fill Stick Multi-Color for Wood, Formica® and Plastic Laminates. Polishing Cloth.

Each item is also available separately.
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Trade Secret Furniture Restoration System

3pc Touch-Up Marker Set for Furniture and Woodwork.

Restores furniture to its original beauty
 assembled set

Country scent Lemon scent Orange scent Trade Secret Furniture Polish
Furniture Polish 8oz

Country, Lemon or Orange scent

for Light wood for Dark wood Trade Secret Scratch Remover
Scratch Remover
8oz Scratch Remover
for Light wood
for Dark wood

Trade Secret Fill Stick Pro Set
one each color tone

For Wood, Formica & Plastic Laminates.

Furniture Restoration System Polishes Scratch Removers Fill Sticks
Crystal Clear finishes seals and protects.

Country Scent Polish contains no acids, waxes or silicone. Safe on all finishes from French lacquer and shellacs to urethanes and synthetics.

Light and Dark Scratch Removers hide scratches and surface imperfections without affecting the patina (original finish).

Stainless Steel Polish non-abrasive formula will make stainless steel items shine with brilliant luster.

6pc Fill Stick Pro Set offer wax repair sticks blended from natural and synthetic waxes for easy filling and top-coating of gouges and deeper repairs.

3pc Touch Up Marker Set offers options for natural, light, medium, dark, cherry and mahogany finishes helping scratches and worn areas to disappear in mere seconds.

Simply put - Make professional grade repairs at a fraction of the cost and without all the mess and smell.

Exceptional value pricing!
Protects against spills.
Prevents cracks.

No wax or sticky build up.

Preserves natural shine.

Silicone free.
Removes dust and fingerprints.

Safe on all finishes.
Hides scratches and minor defects on floors and furniture.
Restores original beauty of furniture at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.
Available for dark and light finishes.

Avoid cost, hassle, mess and smell of stripping and refinishing.
Easily fills deeper gouges and damage.

Unlike putty sticks, wax blend can be topcoated to make the repair permanent.

Trio packs of sticks eliminate the guesswork.

The right color every time.

Won't shrink.
Contours to the shape of the repair.

Trade Secret

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