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Back to Nature Safer Deglosser surface preparation is a water-based, biodegradable, non flammable, paint deglosser.  It deglosses and cleans without sanding.

Ready-To-Use 22oz Spray
 for Surface Preparation

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Environmentally Safe

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Use as a surface preparation product to help new paint and varnish adhere to the existing finish. Back to Nature Safer Deglosser also works as a superior multi-purpose cleaner for grease, grime, stains and unwanted spots.

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Material Safety Data Sheet
Safer-Deglosser (when available)

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Safer-Deglosser Surface preparation Technical Informationn follows... Technical Information

bullet Back to Nature Safer Deglosser should be used full strength.
bullet Clean off surface dirt using a damp cloth.
bullet Spray Back to Nature Deglosser onto the surface.
bullet Work in with a brush or pad if necessary.
bullet Allow Back to Nature Safer Deglosser to dwell on the surface approximately 10-15 minutes.
bullet While surface is still wet, wipe down with a dry cloth. If Back to Nature Safer Deglosser had dried on the surface, wipe down with a wet sponge and allow to dry.
bullet Let dry approximately 1 hour before applying new finish.
bullet Inspect visually. Use second application when necessary.
Product Safety:
Safety goggles or face shield are recommended for eye protection. Rubber gloves are recommended. In case of eye contact flush with plenty of cool water for 15 minutes, lift lids, do not rub. Get medical attention. In case of ingestion, drink water or milk to dilute.  Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention immediately.
Chemical Splash Impact Goggle
protect against liquid & flying debris

Chemical Resistant Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves
100% nitrile heavy duty clean-ups

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Safer-Deglosser surface preparation product

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