SAMAN® water based wood stains. Odorless stains that are simply unparalleled in today’s marketplace offering the reliability of hazardous oil base stains, yet safe and effective.


SAMAN Water based wood stains are available in 34 standard colors.  Easy to apply, and no overlaps!

34 Standard Colors of The Saman TEW Series
Saman colors Saman Tradition colors
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The 6 additional Standard Colors of Saman TEW Stain.


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Color chips were created on pine wood using a single stain coat without conditioner.
view a sample application of Saman stain.

Saman Staining KIT 60-002:
Helps mix combinations of these colors to make up to 128 additional colors. These simple recipes are easy to make. You simply mix two of the above colors in correct proportions and you are project ready in a matter of minutes!  You can also mix the products at your discretion to create and invent your own perfect blend. We suggest: Make note of the mixing formula for future reference.  more info

Saman graduated container 2oz
2 oz graduated container incl. in kit #60-003

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The colors shown could vary depending on the color of the wood and on the surface preparation (sanding, cleaning, and so on.) Also differences in monitors and/or operating systems could cause the colors to display differently.  Preliminary tests on a hidden section of the surface to be stained should always be done first!  To receive a printed color chart please email your request through the Product Inquiry website.

Treat all wood surfaces with respect! SAMAN® water based wood stains.

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