Saman stains are a remarkable discovery in water based wood staining technology. Not only are these products safe for the user but they are environmentally safe as well. Available in 4oz and 12oz bottles that can make up to 155 color combinations, this easy to use wood stain is well, easy to use! We put the product to the test ourselves, something we like to do here at Down to Earth Products. We acquired an unfinished pine Birdhouse and Tissue Box from a local craft store and applied Saman stain right out of the bottle.  Our findings showed not just ease of use of the product but the lack of runs during applications and no overlap marks to be seen. See for yourself. Our sample application is shown below.

Saman stains
Skeptics said it couldn't be done...

Did you know?  Not all interior wood stains are what they’re cracked up to be?

Additional product information...

Material Safety Data Sheet
Saman water based wood stain
Saman clear finish varnish

Sample application of Saman Stain on Pine


Step 1:
After hand shaking the product per directions we prepared our surface by cleaning with Tack Cloth.  This removed all dirt and dust from the surface.

Step 2:
Using the 1-inch foam brush we began applying (color #117 Chamois) to the unfinished wood.  We worked in the direction of the wood grain and found the stain easy to apply.  With the foam applicator brush, the stain did not drip or run.

They told us this was going to be easy...

Step 3:
After finishing half of the Bird House roof we used a cotton Super Wiper lint-free cloth to wipe the excess stain from the surface.
Step 4:
We continued staining the Bird House.  This was simply too easy!  We noted that the stain did not cover the white glue used around the wood joints (we suggest using stainable wood glue on your project).

...and they weren't kidding!

Saman, the alternative to oil based stains.

Step 5:
Our finished Birdhouse in shown in the bottom left of the picture below. Once the stain has thoroughly dried (1 hour in normal conditions) we will be able to apply clear finish varnish to seal and protect the work!

Project notes:
We used a 1-inch foam brush for our application and poured some stain from our 4oz bottle into the bottom of a 9oz paper cup. This allowed easy access to the stain and easy cleanup as well.

We also stained a white pine box and 3 books. For the pine box we used Chamois 177 as was done for the birdhouse. We like this color! For the books we wanted to be vivid so we chose Lime 114, Raspberry 110 and Azure 106. We applied only a single coat which took less than 30 minutes. Being able to see actual wood grain with the stain as opposed to just vivid color (as paint would produce) is exciting!

Sample application of Saman Stain on pine & white pine.

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