Napier's SARA Technology is a unique, revolutionary, patented new method for coating removal.

Why SARA Technology?
The vast majority of chemical paint removers currently produced have proven harmful to both the environment and you in one fashion or another.  Several forms of environmentally advantaged removers have since been developed because of tougher regulations and calls for from the industry, but few are as effective against the tough, high performance industrial coatings that are in use today.

Napier's SARA Technology - the industry difference.  Products based on this technology are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-irritating and offer a cost effective method of removing old paint systems. A substitute for traditional, hazardous removers, these products can be used where abrasive blasting or high pressure water jetting could not be performed.

Products based on SARA Technology have a unique formulation consisting of three main components:

water moisture barrier active ingredients

Once the product has been applied to a painted surface, the active ingredients start traveling down through the paint. They open the pores of the paint, allowing the product to penetrate all the way down to the substrate. When these ingredients have reached the substrate, an internal chemical reaction takes place by which oxygen gas is released from within the chemical remover. The bond between the coating system and the substrate is destabilized and the pressure created by the oxygen breaks that bond completely and releases the paint from the surface.

SARA - Illustration 1

In the meantime, the Moisture Barrier begins to rise to the top of the remover and forms a protective layer that prevents the remover from drying. In an indoor setting, the remover may stay wet and active for up to four days.

SARA - Illustration 2

When the bond has been released, the paint lifts off the surface in relatively large pieces or chips and sometimes it even falls off in sheets. Pressure washing removes the lifted paint and residue from the substrate, which is left clean and ready for re-painting. Therefore, de-coating procedures are greatly simplified and costs are dramatically lowered.

SARA - Illustration 3

While the active ingredients are traveling through the coating, it may seem like nothing is happening. Be assured that if the SARA product is wet on the surface of the paint, the active ingredients are hard at work. Allow them time to reach the substrate. The dwell time will depend on the thickness and toughness of the coating, but while the remover is doing the work, you have time on your hands for other revenue producing jobs.

Application and use of SARA Technology products

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