Smart Strip by Peel Away is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly method by which to remove most coatings from any surface. The product works by simply applying then leaving it to work. Smart Strip has the consistency of Marshmallow Fluff or Shaving Cream and is very easy to apply right out of the container. While Smart Strip is working, you simply go about other projects or business that needs tending to.  Smart Strip is doing the work for you.

If you are interested in both paint removal and the environment then Smart Strip is the Smart Choice. Read the product highlights carefully! We can’t think of any other effective paint removing chemicals that stack up to the environmental qualities of Smart Strip.


Smart Strip the smart choice in paint removers.

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Product Highlights
right arrow Ready to use right out of the container.
right arrow Ease of application.  Smart Strip clings to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
right arrow Does not contain N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) like other removers. Nor does it contain methylene chloride, caustic or other TAP's or HAP's.
right arrow Smart Strip truly has no noticeable odor.
right arrow Although you should avoid getting any chemicals on your skin, if you come in contact with Smart Strip, it will not burn your skin.
right arrow Smart Strip has ZERO Volatile organic compounds or (VOC's) which can produce greenhouse gas.
right arrow Smart Strip does not not require neutralization of any kind unlike alkaline paint removers.



About Dumond Chemicals.

Dumond Chemicals is a manufacturer of paint removal and building cleaning products for the industrial, commercial and do-it-yourself marketplace. Peel Away paint removal products were first introduced to consumers in 1988. Since then, Peel Away has proven itself in the industry and nearly become a household name. Smart Strip was created with the same basic technology

of the Peel Away System.  The Peel Away System is generally free of hazardous chemicals and solvents and possesses many environmental qualities while still effectively removing stubborn paint and coatings from substrates. Smart Strip, with its ZERO VOCs and ease of use, is  another well-rounded offering from the fine folks at Dumond Chemicals.


Smart Strip Information & Resources

Success Factors:
Like most environmentally friendly paint removers the trick to making the product produce it's most effective results are tied to these important factors:
  • Thickness of the application.
  • Amount of exposure to heat, humidity and sunlight.
  • Time.

view Smart Strip test application and removal

To get ideal results:
We suggest you apply the product in a thick layer or sheet, do not brush it out thinly like a coat of paint. Next, limit exposure to heat, humidity and/or sunlight. This can be achieved by applying the product late in the afternoon and leaving it to work overnight or by using the optional Peel Away paper to lock in the stripping action and moisture content. Always give the product plenty of time to work. 12, 24 or even 48 hours is by no means excessive. Be aware of your surroundings however, and always exercise common sense. If the product begins to dry out it’s definitely time to remove it. Dried paint remover isn’t going to do much additional work for you.

Peel Away removal using Peel Away paper.

Smart Strip

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Product Note:
While Smart Strip is formulated to be safe for the user, surface and environment, proper safety procedures should be followed at all times when handling this product.  Refer to product MSDS for important health and safety information before handling.

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