Chandeliers, Lampshades, Silk Flowers and an entire host of other unique items in and around your home, office or apartment often present challenging cleaning situations. How do I clean this? How long is it going to take? Will this cleaner really work?  These are some of the questions that we ask ourselves and others when presented with a multitude of difficult items to clean.

The cleaning industry had a stroke of good luck in 1903 when the products came into existence and were made widely available. Have you hear about them? Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner products were formulated to help make cleaning chores simple for complex surfaces.  The art of cleaning crystal, glass, acrylic chandeliers, prisms and so on is simply not a chore anymore. The hardest part may be getting out the ladder or finding something to place on the floor to help keep the liquid off. The cleaning part – no problem!

The next time your questioning how to tackle that cleaning chore, simply go to your cabinet and reach for Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner. You won’t have time to run to the store once guests start to arrive so order now and be prepared!

Sparkle Plenty
Chandelier Cleaner

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Silk Sensation
Artificial Plant Cleaner 32oz

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Dry Magic Sponge
Lampshade Cleaner

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Lampshade Cleaner

A unique sponge (used dry) that is  designed to clean what liquids might ruin! Dry Magic simply eliminates the dirt. No damaging liquids or chemicals involved! Dry Magic was originally designed for use in the fabric industry as a lampshade cleaner.  This wonderful little product can also remove pet hair and lint from clothing, carpet and/or upholstery.  There are dozens of other uses as mentioned below.

Safe on any surface when used dry.

Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner and Silk Sensation Plant Cleaner both work using a saturation technique. You simply spray (saturate the area) to clean and let the product drip off. There is no cloth or hand rubbing involved. For spraying excellence, you get a brilliant streak-free shine in return.

Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner drip dry Chandelier & Fine Collectables Cleaner:
• Drips Dry
• Streak-Free Shine
(some surfaces may require wiping dry)
• Cleans Crystal, Glassware, fine Porcelains, Ceramics, Collectables, Plastics, Lacquered Metal, Painted Surfaces.

Silk Sensation Plant Cleaner drip dry Artificial Plant & Silk Flower Cleaner:
• Drips Dry
• Spot Free
(wipe up accumulation on flat or cupped surfaces)
• Cleans decorative silk flowers and plastic plant arrangements.

Important:  Always test a small area for adverse reaction.  Unplug all electrical fixtures and turn off light switches before using on electrically powered surfaces. Allow fixture to dry at least two hours and do not allow spray to enter lamp sockets.

Sparkle Plenty
Chandelier Cleaner Gallon

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You may want to consider purchasing the 5 x 5 Closet Helper to place on carpets or floors.  While not water proof, this fabric can help protect against drips & spills and will easily serve you for other protective uses.

Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner Products are drip dry solutions to unique cleaning problems.

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