Stir or Drill-Mix RemovALL Paint Remover thoroughly before using!  This is especially important for Spray Grade versions whose components tend to separate quickly within the container. Even the non-spray grade can separate. For best results, ALWAYS drill-mix or stir the product. This gives you a better product mixture and makes application and use easier.

Below is an illustration of how RemovALL looks when separated...

Step 1:
RemovALL products should be stirred or mixed prior to use. Especially Spray Grade products (i.e. 210, 310, 510, 610) whose ingredients tend to separate within the container.  You should drill mix or stir the product only, do not shake it!  RemovALL, once separated, tends to appear as in the example below.

Step 2:
We removed the product lid using a bucket opener suitable for 5ga containers.  After removing the lid, we suggest that you pour a portion of the product (about 1/5th) into a separate container to keep the product from overflowing during the mixing process.  Gradually add the extra product back into the mixed portion.  We used a 5ga hurricane mixer in the example below.  We find it works best.



...after mixing, its consistency is totally different.

Step 3:
We used an electric drill.  Basically any drill will do but the product mixes best when you can get some movement into it.  Our drill had a top speed of 1200RPM.  We used that setting for roughly 3 minutes.  On slower speeds or if hand stirring this process will take considerably more time.  Up to 15 minutes or more.

Step-3 / 4

Step 4:
Once mixed the product (see left) does not resemble the original product appearing in Step 1. The mixed product has turned very creamy or cake batter like and appears to have undergone somewhat of a color change from the original.  The product is now mixed and ready for use.  Mixing the product prior to use is essential.

RemovALL Environmentally Friendly Products
Environmentally Friendly Products

Be Safe:
Always observe proper safety precautions before stirring especially for hands, eyes and exposed skin.  RemovALL products carry important safety information on the side panel.  You should familiarize yourself with this safety information prior to opening, stirring and/or using the product.

For safety's sake:
Protect hands, eyes, exposed skin, clothing and/or surroundings during the stirring process.  We inventory many Paint Removal Accessories to help you along with your project.  To view our offerings click here.

Additional Product Information at right. Frequently Asked Questions - answered!
Frequently Asked Questions - answered!


Napier Environmental Technologies provides the paint industry with quality products and environmentally responsible solutions to safely remove unwanted coatings from any surface in a user friendly and cost effective manner.

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