Proper surface preparation is the most vital step in assuring long-lasting results on any painting project.  Anyone with proper tools and instruction can learn to remove paint quickly and efficiently. You usually finish removing loose paint with a quality putty knife or a well manufactured scraper designed to effectively remove paint. 

3M Sanding
valve for easy exhalation
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Chemical Splash Impact Goggle
protect against liquid & flying debris

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Chemical Splash Impact Goggle

If you are using a paste type remover you generally will not see the chemical reaction taking place. Always wait the specified amount of time and try a small test patch area first. This helps you determine proper dwell and removal time and the best method or techniques to use. Remember that no matter how careful you are when remover there will always be small pieces of softened paint residue remaining on the surface. This is best removed using Back to Nature Paint Remover Clean-up aided by a stiff stripping brush and a little elbow grease. Be as careful as possible not to raise the grain of the wood and therefore necessitate the need for additional sanding before repainting, priming, varnishing or staining can begin.

Paint & Varnish remover Pad
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Between Coats Finishing Pad
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Metal Finishing Pad
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Norton 4-3/8 x 11in Finishing Pads

Always check for evidence of lead first if stripping old paint (usually before 1970) using a Household Lead Test Kit and wear gloves and breathing mask for added safety. If you think you have lead see our about lead page. Always use a suitable type scraper for the surface (i.e. straight, convex, concave, pointed as so on). Keep the scraper upright on wood and most other surfaces to avoid digging in and damaging the surface.

Do-It-Yourself Household Lead Test Kit
If it's Pink there's Lead
Detects Lead on Any Surface Instantly 2-Pack: 2 to 4 Tests

Lead Test Kit

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