Chicago Canvas Tarps & Tarpaulin Covers are designed for strength, flexibility, water resistance and are sold Ready Made in the most popular sizes.

Canvas Tarps / Tarpaulin Covers are Ready Made or Made to Order.

Canvas Tarps are most often used to ward off the common elements of nature (wind, rain, hail, snow and direct sunlight).  Although Tarps can be used in a variety of situations, some of the more common uses include:

Common Surfaces

Recreational and/or
Hobby activities

Chicago Canvas Tarpaulin's 8, 10 and 12oz.

Temporary Structures

Baseball Fields
Hay Bales
Long Haul Trailers
Dock Curtains
Firewood Stack


Salvage Covers


As tarps have an oil base coating you would not want to use them to protect any type of delicate surface. (i.e. cars, floors, or carpeting). Shop dropcloths.

Purchase Ready Made Tarpaulin's

Product Name--> Utility Professional Contractor

Slice of 12oz Heavy Duty Tarpaulin showing brass grommet and stitching.

Pictured 12oz Heavy Duty

12oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarpaulin 5ft x 7ft (approx finished size 4ft 6in x 6ft 6in)

10 & 12oz Tarpaulin's have Brass Grommets 1in in diameter with 1/2in cut inset.

Slice of 8oz Utility Tarpaulin showing zinc grommet and stitching.

Pictured 8oz Utility

8oz Tarpaulin has Zinc Grommets 7/8in in diameter with 3/8in cut inset.

product number--> 8 10 12
tarpaulin fabric--> Canvas Canvas Canvas
product weight --> 8oz 10oz 12oz

All Tarpaulin purchases are special order items and may spend up to 5 days, from date of order, in the manufacturing process before shipping.  The sizes stated are cut size dimensions before finishing seams are sewn.  The finished size of all dropcloths, runners and tarpaulins is approximately 6 inches less on both width and length for all standard sizes stated.


Chicago Canvas Taupaulin's 8, 10 and 12oz.

The quality of Chicago Dropcloth - since 1948

  • Water Resistant
    Water resistant tarps are made to get wet but should not be be submerged.  Resistance can be reduced by age, wear, extreme temperature or high pressure.

  • Grommets approximately every 2ft
    Brass and/or Zinc grommets are inserted into a hole made through the material and used to reinforce the hole or shield rope or other matter from the edges of the hole.  Spaced roughly every 2ft around all edges.

  • Triple-thick Hems are double stitched.
    Canvas edges are doubled back and stitched down to enclose the cut edge to prevent unraveling. Hems are approximately 1-3/4in.

  • Seams are double stitched.
    When sewing two pieces of fabric together, a seam is created. Seams may be present in widths of more than 4ft.


Chicago Dropcloth and Tarpaulin Company  have been providing quality tarpaulins since 1948.  Attention to detail and selection of high quality fabric, insures you will be purchasing a tarpaulin that is one of the best on the market today.

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