Wood Furniture Care Products from Trade Secret were conceived in frustration and born of necessity more than 50 years ago.  Untold hours of research, development and testing have gone into the Trade Secret product line ever since the first product, a proper furniture polish that would moisturize and protect against spills without leaving any wax or sticky build-up, was developed.  That original foundation eventually led to the development of an entire family of fine wood furniture care products that now enhance the life and beauty of home and office furniture all over the globe.  I guess one might say we just couldn't keep the secret.  Good luck in your restoration efforts!

Trade Secret Fill Sticks and Touch-Up Kits.

Trade Secret fill sticks light tones   Trade Secret fill sticks medium tones   Trade Secret fill sticks dark tones   Trade Secret fill sticks red tones
Light Tones   Medium Tones   Dark Tones   Red Tones
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Fill Sticks are also available in a single Jumbo Stick Pen Pack

Trade Secret jumbo fill stick white

Trade Secret jumbo fill stick black

Either Black or White


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Selling major furniture factories, cabinetmakers, refinishers and flooring manufacturers for years the Trade Secret brand is well known and respected in professional circles. Most professionals don’t accept products that promote greasy wax build-up or surfaces that yellow over time.

The Trade Secret® family of the fine Wood Furniture Care Products

Touch Up System for Wood
fills, stains, finishes and seals damages to furniture, cabinets, floors and paneling

using Trade Secret fill stick

using Trade Secret touch-up marker

using Trade Secret protective finish

Nail holes, scratches and cracks. Blended from high-grade wax that won't shrink. Can be coated with Trade Secret Touch up Marker and Crystal Clear Finish without chemical reaction.
Stains and finishes
Eliminates scratches, nicks and worn areas.  Quick dry, colorfast.  Low odor formula is free of hazardous chemicals found in other markers; Touluene, Xylene and MEK.
Blends in repair to surrounding area.  Won't yellow.  Superior protection.  Permanent. Bonds to virtually any finish.
Touch-up System for Wood Honey Touch-up System for Wood Light Brown Touch-up System for Wood Medium Brown Touch-up System for Wood Dark Brown Touch-up System for Wood Red Tones
Honey Light Brown Medium Brown Dark
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Benefits of the Trade Secret Touch Up System for wood...


Easy color-match system can be used to fill gouges and deeper damage (Fill Sticks)


Stain and finish scratches and worn areas (Touch Up Marker)


Make repairs permanent with super resistant Crystal Clear Varnish


Safe on all finishes


Easy repair of virtually all types of damage to finished furniture and floors


Trade Secret Pro Set
Touch-up Markers

for Furniture and Woodwork.
Use on natural, light, medium, dark, cherry & mahogany finishes.

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