Krud Kutter® Waste Paint Hardener.  Got leftover paint?  Quick disposal in just 3 easy steps!


Krud Kutter Waste Paint Hardener is great for quickly containing job site paint spills and can help you  reduce hazardous materials management in your community and save tax dollars.  Most landfills do not accept latex paint in its liquid form and Waste Paint Hardener is the environmentally safer alternative to dispose of unused paint.  Using a small pouch of the hardener in place of kitty litter or sand, will quickly harden Latex and Acrylic paint or stains, and all water-based liquid products.  This provides you with easy curb-side disposal of paint waste.  Become the environmental good guy of the neighborhood! 


Step 1: Add crystals to latex paint

Krud Kutter Waste Paint Hardener 3.5oz packet

Product Highlights

bullet Great for Latex paint spills and disposal.
bullet Use with all other water-based liquids.
bullet One bag will harden up to 2/3rd's gallon of leftover paint.  5-ga will harden up to 100 gallons.
bullet Makes curb-side disposal much easier and safer.
bullet Simple and easy to use.  It works in minutes!

Step 2: Mix crystals with paint

Step 3: Dispose according to local regulations

Always consult applicable environmental, government and local regulations in your area before using and/or dumping.

States such as California, Minnesota, Washington and others may require special handling of waste materials.

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Safety Precautions:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.  Wash hands thoroughly after handling.  Do no ingest.  Avoid handling product dust.  Keep out of reach of children.

Got old waste paint?

Get rid of that old latex paint! Dry paint on wall board and other materials are disposed of every day in landfills across the world. Most landfills turn down latex paint in its liquid form. Waste Paint Hardener is an economical solution and safer alternative to dumping these liquids where they don’t belong. Of course, using up all your paint in the first place is still the best option.

Waste Paint Hardener™ an environmentally sound alternative that can provide easy curb-side disposal of paint waste.

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