Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner for Bathrooms in fresh lemon scent. Dissolves soap scum instantly and without scratching. It’s the ideal way to clean shower doors, bathtubs, spas, boats and RV’s. Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner is a heavy-duty yet non-abrasive cleaner for fiberglass, tile, plastic, acrylic, synthetic marble, glass, chrome and YES, even stainless steel. You’ll find hundreds of other uses as it effortlessly removes grime, film and hard water deposits.

Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner for Bathrooms in fresh lemon scent leaves shower doors sparkling clean and Removes a soap scum instantly... without scrubbing!


Weiman® Fiberglass Cleaner
for Bathrooms

Fresh Lemon Scent.  Non-Acid, Non-Abrasive, Non-flammable,  Biodegradable.
Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner for Bathrooms

Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner, gently cleans fiberglass and removes soap scum, hard water, spots and stains. It’s non-acid, non-abrasive and does not scratch.

Weiman Fiberglass Cleaner for Bathrooms
Fresh Lemon Scent

1. Apply liberally to dry surface with sponge, spray or cloth.
2. Allow solution to penetrate dulling film for approximately 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Wipe with sponge, cloth or brush, then rinse with clean water; for shiny surface, white dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.
4. Do not use on paint it or varnished services. Avoid contact with aluminum or magnesium wheels.
5. Do not allow to dry on surface.

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