Weiman Lemon Oil is more than just a polish. This natural formula with sunscreen soaks into the pores of fine wood, leaving a deep, rich luster that enhances its natural beauty. It cleanses away harmful dust and dirt and removes damaging smoke residue - ultimately protecting wood furniture from drying, checking, fading and discoloring. Natural oils, gently clean, moisturize and nourish your fine wood. This product is free from poor-clogging silicones and waxes helping to prevent buildups.

For centuries, pure lemon oil has been prized for the superb way it cleans, shines, and prevents fine wood finishes from drying out.  While providing a glorious sheen for all woods, Weiman Lemon Oil is especially recommended for teak, oak, Scandinavian and other low luster finishes.


Weiman® Natural Lemon Oil
Furniture Polish with Sunscreen

Kosher certified.  Carries the Kosher symbol of the Orthodox Union.

Weiman Natural Lemon Oil Furniture Polish with Sunscreen

Weiman Lemon Oil will not show fingerprints because it’s never greasy! Lemon Oil naturally helps clean, moisturize and protect your fine furniture all with the fragrance of fresh lemons. And though the suns ultraviolet rays can cause wood finishes to fade and crack, rest assured Weiman Lemon Oil is formulated with UVX-15 Sunscreen to guard your furniture against direct and indirect sunlight damage. Weiman Lemon Oil - it has sunscreen inside.

Weiman Natural Lemon Oil
with Sunscreen

1. Apply to a clean, soft cloth and wipe surface.
2. Buff with a clean, soft cloth to a high luster.

Weiman Lemon Oil contains NO Silicones or Waxes, so when used as directed there is never any buildup. Weiman Lemon Oil is also non-toxic, biodegradable and its packaging is recyclable.

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