Weiman® Royal Sterling Silver Polish and Weiman® Metal Polish cover all bases when it comes to shining Brass, Copper, Chrome, Aluminum, Silver and Gold. Each product has its own unique qualities that provide hundreds of different and unique uses.

Weiman Royal Sterling Polish is a thick rich polish that gently yet thoroughly removes both tarnish and polishes silver to a brilliant shine. It has a floral fragrance and does not contain harsh chemicals or ammonia, so it is safe and pleasant to use. Its unique anti-tarnish formula helps keep tarnish from returning.  Weiman Metal Polish on the other hand leaves behind a rich, protective luster. Your stainless steel sinks sparkle. Copper cookware glows, and a special tarnish-preventing formula helps keep copper and brass tarnish-free.  It gives a brilliant shine to brass, copper, chrome, aluminum, silver and gold and is generally ideal for all metals.

Weiman Royal Sterling Polish and Weiman Metal Polish are Kosher certified products that contain only the finest of ingredients.


Weiman® Royal Sterling and Metal Polish


Cleans, shines and prevents tarnishing in one application.

Weiman Royal Sterling Silver Polish

Cleans, polishes and Restores.  Removes tarnish instantly.

Weiman Metal Polish for Brass, Copper and All Metals
Weiman Royal Sterling
Silver Polish

Weiman Metal Polish
for Brass, Copper and All Metals

Silver Polish

Weiman® Royal Sterling Silver Polish is great if you need your silver to shine like new, This gentle cream blend is extremely thorough working to remove tarnish while delivering dramatic results to each piece. It’s unique anti-tarnish formula helps prevent tarnish from returning, and will never scratch your fine silver.

Directions: Shake well before using.
1. Apply to soft loft and rubbed silver until tarnish is removed.
2. Buff with clean, soft cloth to high tarnish prove shine.

Metal Polish

Weiman® Metal Polish has many different uses for metal. From boats, to musical instruments, golf clubs, brass beds, lamps or sports equipment this product helps keep you shining through. Unlike many other metal polishes, Weiman® Metal Polish has no unpleasant odor to speak of and gives a brilliant shine to brass, copper, silver & gold, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum. Also use on Plexiglas® items or fiberglass spas to keep them looking new.

Directions: Shake well before using.
1. Apply with a soft cloth, rubbing to remove tarnish, stains and corrosion.
2. Buff immediately with a soft dry cloth to a shiny finish.

For best results:  Test on a small inconspicuous area before use.

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