Weiman E-tronic Wipes are perfect at keeping your electronics free of dust, fingerprints and dirt. Once applied, the E-tronic Wipe dries quickly on the applied surface, is lint free, and helps to eliminate deadly static from these same electronics. Try the streak-free, lint-free, ammonia-free formula today and you too will be hooked by a seamless new easy method of cleaning!

Available in an easy to use dispenser, E-tronic wipes can be used on plasma TVs, LCD TVs, TV’s, computer screens, monitors, laptop screens, computers, cell phones, telephones and DVD/CD players.


Weiman® E-tronic Wipes
Screen Wipes

Anti-Static &
Ammonia Free Electronic Wipe

Weiman E-tronic Wipes

E-tronic wipes repel dust and are easy to use. Safely cleans plasma Tvs, LCD TVs, TVs, computer screens/monitors, laptop screens, computers, cell phones, telephones and DVD/CD players. Cleans dust, fingerprints and dirt. Streak free. Dries quickly and lint free.

30-ct 7in x 8in Wipes
Weiman® E-tronic Wipes
Screen Wipes

Flip open dispensing flap with one hand, squeeze the body of the canister with the other and pull up firmly on lid to remove entire cap from canister. Remove inner seal. Locate the wipe at the center of the roll, twist to a point and thread through small opening in lid. Replace lid and pull wipe at 90 degree angle; the next sheet pops up automatically. Always snap lid securely shut between uses to prevent moisture loss.

1. Open wipes and wipe surface.
2. Discard used wipe in trash.

Note:  Not intended for use on skin.

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